Samsung and Intel invest in ‘Anticipation Engine’ start-up company

Some new details were revealed today about a small start-up company who's getting a lot of cash thrown their way from companies such as Google Ventures, Samsung, Intel and more. While the latter two are the latest to join the list of financial backers, Google's been a part of the start-up for some time. Who's ready for the fear mongers to come out and talk about eavesdropping? The company is called Expect Labs and we have more details below.

Startup deploys Google Wallet vending machines in SF, NYC, DC and Chicago

I'll be honest, I've never been that swayed by NFC. Carrying a few ounces of wallet isn't really a burden, and using a smartphone to pay isn't so much easier than using a debit card. But as a guy who almost never carries cash, this gets me excited: a San Francisco startup is equipping vending machines with NFC receivers, specifically made for Google Wallet. All Things D reports that the first test markets for the new machines will be San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Cotton Candy is a tiny Android desktop computer… on a stick

People have been building integrated Linux thin clients that can fit in the palm of your hand for years, but now there's a more modern approach. Startup company FXI Technologies has applied the same idea to Android, putting a fully functional build of Gingerbread on a flash-drive sized device with easy connection to HDMI displays and input devices. The gadget is at the prototype stage now, but the company hopes to sell it for $200 by this time next year.