Star Wars

Kabam releases a developers’ diary video for Star Wars Uprising

At the E3 2015 gaming conference, Kabam announced that it was going to be releasing a new Star Wars game that will be directly connected to the build-up for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens which will hit theaters in December. The new game will be called Star Wars: Uprising, and it will be a top down isometric RPG of galactic proportions. What we have now is Kabam teasing us some more, with some behind-the-scenes work in this video.

Get ready for the new Star Wars movie with new official app

We still have half a year to go until the much-awaited release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. But every new movie or merchandise related news has been met with a lot of interest and anticipation. Want to get even more excited? Disney has released a new app that can be your hub for anything about the galaxy far, far away, and it even includes a chance to get a selfie with your favorite Star Wars character.

Teaser trailers from Star Wars: Uprising, Rayman Adventures

We feature two upcoming games today, both coming out with teaser trailers for all of us. First up is the new RPG from Kabam called “Star Wars: Uprising”, adding to the hype leading towards the new Star Wars movie coming out soon. The second game is from Ubisoft called “Rayman Adventures”, an addition to its Rayman franchise of games.

Two new upcoming games from EA, plus Torchlight for Android!

We’ve lined some upcoming games for you – two from EA and one hack-and-slash title that you should totally be excited for on Android. EA is coming up with “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” and “Minions Paradise”. The other title is Torchlight, that breakthrough RPG that brought hack-and-slash gaming to casual gamers.

Alpha Squadron 2 is a Star Wars-like space shooter, free trial

If some of you have played Star Wars Rogue Squadron on a Nintendo 64 or Gamecube then you will have no trouble at all getting into Alpha Squadron 2. The games are very much alike, probably enough for the Star Wars developers to consider lawsuit options (we kid, of course). But if you’re up for some starfighter shoot-em-up time, then this game is for you.

Star Wars: Uprising RPG for mobile coming soon

Anticipation for the new Star Wars movie is slowly but surely building up, and one of the best ways to get people all the more hyped up is to release a video game even before the movie actually comes out in December. Game developer Kabam, Disney and Lucasfilms have announced that mobile gamers will have something to look forward to as they will be releasing the Star Wars: Uprising RPG, set in a whole new chapter of the Star Wars story.

Star Wars saga coming in HD to Play Movies April 10

The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection will finally be available this April 10, Friday. Sure, you've seen all the Star Wars movies maybe a hundred times already but you still can't get enough of them. The original collection of 'Star Wars: Episodes I-VI' is now available in digital form. This means you can watch any of the Star Wars titles and relive your favorite scenes over and over again. Watch on your computer, on your tablet, on your smartphone, or on your TV for the nth time.

Be part of the Star Wars Rebels in new Android game

With just 9 months to go until the release of Episode VII, fans will try to get their hands on everything Star Wars until then. The expected success of the Star Wars Rebels animated series has led to some great multi-media tie-ups, from a comic series to action figures, etc. Now we have an Android game that lets you become an intergalactic hero out to battle against the Empire. Welcome to Star Wars Rebels: Recon.

LEGO ULTRA AGENTS fight anew against Antimatter in Astor City

There are a lot of LEGO-themed games on the Google Play Store but you don't have to waste your time on all of them. You just need to choose one game or two games to focus on. After the 'LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga', download this LEGO ULTRA AGENTS Antimatter and see what the Ultra Agents are up to in a new base, wearing new gear, and fighting new enemies. The Ultra Agents thought they had already finished the Super Villains wreaking havoc in Astor City but looks like the battle isn't over as the Antimatter has come, ready to use bring more destruction by using powerful henchmen and weapons.

Amazon App Store releases ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’

Finally, the LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga game is now ready for Android. Warner Bros has released the app as we greeted that new year. However, the app is only available on the Amazon App Store, at least for now. It should be downloadable from the Google Play Store soon. Of course, you can always download the app directly from Amazon and install on your phone so you'll understand the gameplay of the very famous Star Wars saga.
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