Star Trek

Star Trek Trexels for Android now live on Google Play Store

Star Trek Trexels has been around for sometime now on the Apple App Store. It just went live on the Android platform a few years after the iOS version was launched in December 2013. Fans of Star Trek will be delighted to know that the game is now available on Google Play so be prepared to take command of your own starship.

Star Trek: Into Darkness movie companion app hands-on

J.J. Abrams may be moving onto a different space franchise in 2015, but for now, all eyes are on his upcoming film Star Trek: Into Darkness. The movie doesn't hit theaters until May 17, but today Paramount Pictures has released the movie companion app. The Star Trek: Into Darkness app exists to get users excited for the movie, having them scan real-world images and trailers to unlock bonuses and earn points.

Star Command: Trekkie RPG with Game Dev Story style

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of War Balloon Games, a tiny indie game developer with a love of all things Star Trek. Their continuing mission: to develop and Android game that combines the classic spacegoing stories of TV's greatest scifi series with 16-bit RPG gameplay. To boldly go where, um, many, many people have gone before, actually. But in an awesome way.