Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and other Honeycomb tablets leak on Staples roadmap

What appears to be an updated version of the leaked tablet roadmap document spotted earlier in the week has emerged, this time attributed to retailer Staples. Though no longer showing pricing information, the document passed to DroidLife adds in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 expected to launch at CTIA 2011 later this month. There's also a lot less detail in the release dates this time around. That could well be a response to the iPad 2; several manufacturers are believed to have tweaked their launch schedules as a result of the second-generation Apple tablet. Still, the 10-inch HTC Honeycomb slate and models from Dell, Acer and Toshiba are all present. They were originally pegged for a June 2011 launch, though that may well have changed. [via Engadget]

Motorola XOOM WiFi priced and dated [Updated]

Motorola's WiFi-only XOOM will apparently launch on March 27, according to a Staples flyer, offering a 3G-free and cheaper version of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. Spotted by Droid Life, the flyer tips a $599.98 price tag for the XOOM WiFi, more expensive than we saw it listed at Sam's Club earlier in the month. It's the same price as Verizon is asking for the 3G-enabled XOOM on contract, which will tie you into a two-year data plan agreement. The XOOM 3G is available contract-free, but that's priced at $799.99 - a full $200 more than the WiFi-only version. Without 3G you lose the flexibility of anywhere connectivity - plus the promise of a 4G upgrade later in 2011 - but for primarily home users of the tablet we imagine that's an acceptable compromise. Interestingly, the image of the XOOM used in the Staples flyer appears to be of the silver-backed version, thought to be a European exclusive. It's possible Staples merely used the wrong graphic in their promo, however. Update: According to developer Al Sutton's sources at DSG in the UK, the XOOM WiFi is expected in UK stores on April 9 2011.

Droid Does Cyanogenmod?

The awesome Android modding community continues to amaze. One of the hardest things to do is port a GSM ROM ot a CDMA phone. Koush, has recently ported the latest and greatest cyanogenmod to the Droid. Cyan's Rom's are always near the top of the hill in the custom ROM world. This is a luxury that was previously only available to users with HTC branded phones until now.