NBA All-Star 2013 app slam dunks into the Google Play Store

Next week down in Houston the NBA will be holding their annual NBA All-Star game where the biggest and best from all sides come for the ultimate game. While we won't discuss whether the All-Star game should stay or go, for those looking for more details they've released the official app to the Play Store. This comes direct from the NBA and is actually pretty impressive.

HTC partners with UEFA until 2015

HTC has been struggling a bit of lately, but the company has just signed a new partnership deal that's bound to bring in at least a few new customers. HTC has signed a three-year partnership deal with the Union of European Football Associations, making HTC "the official phone and tablet" of the UEFA. This partnership is schedule to run until the end of the 2014/2015 season.

March Madness 2012: Android Apps Round-Up

Who is ready for the best month of sports? Yup, it's March Madness time. Although the NCAA Tournament has officially kicked off already and most brackets need to already be finished, we have a few of our favorite applications for following or creating brackets, live streams and more. A couple will give you game updates, alerts, scores and even live audio streams of all 67 games so head down below to see what we liked.

T-Mobile Aims Android Tablet Rentals at Angel Stadium

This summer T-Mobile has begun offering tablet rentals at the Los Angeles Angels home stadium for an "enhanced experience" for baseball fans across the board. Fans can rent one of two tablets at one of two locations in the stadium, one of these locations being an actual fully-functional T-Mobile mobile store, their tablet choices being the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch or the newer LG G-Slate with 3D capabilities and a dual-core processor from NVIDIA. I think you know which one we'd choose. Both tablets are available for rent for the whole baseball game for $10.

6G Introduced by Ozzy and Bieber for Best Buy [video] [REVIEW]

So you've an early adopter and you want to have your hands on the newest product, the quickest speed, the best means to have your hands on the data that's rightfully yours. Best Buy has your back. They've got not only 4G, presented by Ozzy Osbourne - they've moved beyond that ancient foolishness. It's time for 6G, as presented by futuristic TRON Justin Bieber. Pay attention to the weirdos in the background as well, as they're changing position, form, and costume. Very Lady Gaga.

Angry Birds Superbowl Code Revealed [SPOILER GUIDE]

Angry Birds has been fluttering up a storm as of late with several stories including the release of 30 more levels in their standard game, a possibly leaked announcement about their upcoming Valentine's Day addition to Angry Birds Seasons, and a big gigantic bit of news regarding the movie RIO. Starting yesterday, on Superbowl Sunday 2011, the film RIO began cross-promoting with the Angry Birds brand. They plan on creating an Angry Birds "RIO" version of the game and RIO will be featuring Angry Birds on their advertising paraphernalia. And yesterday they released a secret code (that didn't turn out to be a code at all) for fans to grab themselves a brand new secret level of the game! WARNING: if you'd like to find the secret for yourself, do NOT read beyond this paragraph.

Angry Birds [SPOILER ALERT] Preview of Secret Superbowl Level!

Tomorrow during the Superbowl, something completely amazing is going to happen. This game, Superbowl XLV, one of the biggest and most watched sports games of the year, this year hosting one of the oldest rivalries in the sport, the Pittsburgh Steelers verses the Green Bay Packers, will have a secret code in it. This code will pop up on your television screen during a preview for the 3D animation animal movie "RIO," coming to a theater near you soon. What will this code reveal? A super secret Angry Birds level. What have we got for you here and now? An early glimpse of that level. Look below for a big fat spoiler.

Sprint Launches ESPN Pack for Sprint ID Devices

Sprint has just announced the availability of the ESPN Pack for Sprint ID enabled handsets. Giving sports fans a way to stay current on all things ESPN, this new sprint pack brings access to ScoreCenter, Video, Mobile TV, and Fantasy Sports.

Official New York Times app Available

The New York Times has just released their official app for Android.  Now you can stay up to date on all the latest news and sports from one of the top news reporters in the world. This app will also allow you to read articles offline and it’s a free download in the market. It's only available for 2.0 and above.
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