Garmin releases Forerunner 25 running watch, Android compatible

If you were ever in the market for a health-conscious wrist watch, you might have seen that Garmin’s range of options for you is pretty wide – you have 10 different sports or health oriented watches, and they’re adding one more to that line with the Garmin Forerunner 25. This new running watch slots neatly into the more budget-friendly part of Garmin’s products.

Futhead now available as an app for Android devices

European football season is set to kick off next week, and for those who are scrambling to create their dream squads for their FIFA 15 video game or just their office pool, they need all the help they can get to do well in their respective fantasy pools. Futhead, a hugely popular community for those who play FIFA (not the organization okay), has released an app so you can have easier and more convenient access to the community’s features and news, even when you’re mobile through your Android device.

Become the world champion in Stick Tennis Tour, now on Android

If you’re suffering from post-Wimbledon and post-grand slam withdrawals, the bad news is that the next grand slam tournament, the US Open is still a few months away. The good news is that, aside from there being other tournaments in between, is that you can bring out your tennis frustrations in a new mobile game that is now available on Android called Stick Tennis Tour, the follow-up to the popular Stick Tennis game, which is apparently the number one sports game in more than a hundred countries.

Win the Tour de France digitally in official Android game

Cycling may not be the most beloved or exciting of sports, but it does have its share of die-hard fans who would follow the biggest tournaments, who would know the biggest names, and would follow the latest events. If you're one of those people or if you want to get to know a new sport, even digitally, then you would want to play this new Android game, which is the official companion game of the biggest cycling tournament, the Tour de France.

SBK15 Official Mobile Game released, ready to excite Superbike fans

The SBK15 Official Mobile Game is one popular app that's been downloaded more than 4.5 million times from all over the world. A new season of the racing game was just released by Digital Tales but it's the same superbike adventure that will excite the wits out of you. That is, if you're into daredevil stunts or simply ready for extreme motorbike rides.

Lead your country to soccer victory in Striker Soccer America

With the US' surprising victory today over current World Cup champions Germany in a friendly match, some people who caught the game accidentally may have been newly converted into the world of soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, football. And even though in reality, the US will not be competing in the upcoming 2015 Copa America, well at least you still get the choice to play them, together with 17 other countries in the new Striker Soccer America 2015 Android game.

EA Sports UFC finally brings Ronda Rousey, other women into the game

It's taken them a while to bring "diversity" into the sport, or at least into the mobile game, but finally women are featuring in the latest update of the EA Sports UFC mobile game for Android devices. The most popular and arguably best women's fighter in the world Ronda Rousey is not only in the game itself, but is also now the cover athlete and the game icon, cementing her status as the current poster child for the mixed martial arts sport.

Dude Perfect 2 brings you more outrageous basketball shots

If you're a fan of the sports and comedy group Dude Perfect, then the second installment of their mobile game version should very well interest you. But if you don't know them at all but enjoy playing games where the hilarious and outrageous and surreal happens, then you might as well give this a shot. Dude Perfect 2 brings you even more of the dudes' personalities, all the more magnified by turning them into animated characters not bound by gravity or other rules of nature.

Sony outs Smart Tennis Sensor, be ready to improve your tennis skills

My tennis knowledge is very much limited. I have played the sports but only on Wii and Xbox. Don't ask me for pro tips because I won't be able to give you not even one useful help. But thank heavens for tech innovations, you can now review your moves and tennis game performance results with the Smart Tennis Sensor.

EA Sports UFC mobile game launches today, pricey IAPs

We were wondering when a developer would actually pick up on the boom of the popularity of UFC and mixed martial arts in general. That question is answered today, as EA Sports launches the “EA SPORTS UFC” game on Android (and iOS). The game has been a relative success during its soft-launch period, so let’s see if that would translate to the global market.
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