Motorola Droid Bionic Teasing Speedtest Results on 4G LTE?

I know we have seen our share of Droid Bionic pictures as of late, but this most recent photo might just reveal something even better. What we are seeing is a photo of the Droid Bionic running a speedtest.net benchmark and scoring pretty amazing results. While the image is cut off and we can't prove if this is 4G LTE or Wi-Fi -- don't forget that the Bionic is the first 4G LTE device to also have a dual-core processor and that might be helping out speeds tremendously.

AT&T Upload speeds and caps, who is to blame?

AT&T has been in an ongoing battle with users and blogs over the upload speeds on recent android phones. Who do we blame for it AT&T, Speedtest.net, or Both? You might remember all the talk the Atrix 4G got when it launched as a 4G phone, then users all learned 4G upload speeds were currently disabled. AT&T even responded to the complaints. We have done a little digging and have some interesting results regarding AT&T, and Speedtest.net for you all to enjoy below.

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Initial Impressions

One of the biggest players in the upcoming 4G wars is Verizon. Although their entrance into the 4G market is a bit late, behind T-Mobile and Sprint, it's certainly not disappointing. We have got our hands on the LG VL600 LTE Modem and have put the LTE network through some speed tests as well did an unboxing of the device.
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