New FCC spectrum auction may stop a T-Mobile/Sprint merger

The demand for spectrum from mobile service providers is at an all-time high, and only promises to increase. To satisfy the wants of consumers and carriers alike, the FCC has decided to take some spectrum earmarked for TV and auction it to carriers. In addition to the added spectrum, the FCC may implement a few rules about purchases for the upcoming auction that could signal their intent to thwart a Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

Verizon buys regional spectrum for $210 million

Regional carrier Cincinnati Bell has officially sold their spectrum to Verizon. The deal, worth $210 million, will give Verizon Cincinnati Bell’s territory in southwestern Ohio, as well as parts of Kentucky and Indiana. The deal is almost purely for spectrum, as the two companies have differing wireless standards.

T-Mobile wants FCC to make upcoming spectrum auction fair for everyone

If you like to track the carrier wars, you’ll know that spectrum is like the dodgeball in the middle of the court they’re all chasing after. Spectrum is the cornerstone of a great carrier, as coverage is one of the major concerns for any customer, potential or existing. An upcoming spectrum auction is already causing T-Mobile to sound off in the court of public opinion.

Dish reportedly won auction for 1900MHz H-Block spectrum

Dish has reportedly won a government spectrum auction, and will now have a massive portion of H-Block in their grasp. That’s important because Dish’s current holdings are adjacent to their new-found holdings, and make Dish the fifth largest spectrum holder in the US. Coming off the heels of a few failed bids to acquire spectrum via snapping up mobile carriers, this is great news for Dish.

Group asks the FCC to limit Verizon and AT&T’s options in upcoming spectrum auction

A group of smaller carriers have banded together to ask the FCC to place restrictions on Verizon and AT&T in an upcoming spectrum auction. The group, made up of some familiar names as well as a rag-tag bunch of also-ran carriers, is asking that the FCC do something about the two domestic behemoths. The group worries that having such a widespread portfolio will hurt them as well as consumers.

Verizon may be interested in trading, not selling, their A-Block 700 MHz spectrum

T-Mobile has geared up to buy Verizon’s A-Block 700MHz spectrum, recently freeing up nearly $4 billion in capital. AT&T is also said to be interested, and has as much buying power as does T-Mobile. Verizon, who agreed to relinquish the spectrum when they acquired another block, might now be selling. Reports now indicate that Verizon, who has to thin their lower frequency spectrum portfolio, might be interested in a trade.
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