Apple loses tablet patent lawsuit in Spain

La vaca santa! After winning injunctions against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and Australia, not to mention other various lawsuits around the world, a tiny Android tablet maker from Spain has successfully defended itself in a criminal patent suit. NK-T, makers of cheap Android tablets for their regional market, found themselves labelled as pirates and criminals when Apple filed an complaint against them in November, 2010. The court found NK-T innocent of criminal charges today.

HTC ChaCha Considers an Additional Cha for ChaChaCha

Oh my goodness this is just silly. Apparently, according to HTC's spain Twitter account, they'll be marketing the HTC ChaCha as the HTC ChaChaCha. There are several reasons why this could be happening. The first and most obvious reason is that the HTC ChaCha is currently facing litigation from the company who feels that HTC's choice of the name ChaCha infringes on their company name which also happens to be none other than the same set of letters and capitalization: ChaCha. Will adding another Cha appease them?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Users in Spain Redeem their Codes for Free Keyboards

To promote the brand spankin new Samsung Galaxy Tab's release in Spain, Samsung Spain sent out a promotion whereby Galaxy Tab purchasers would be given a free keyboard that their device would be able to plug into. Very neat! The thing is though, it worked too well, and they had to pull the promotion before they gave out more vouchers than they had keyboards! The people that were lucky enough to receive a code that would give them a keyboard may now rejoice, as their keyboards are ready to ship.