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Samsung and Facebook talks reveal little

Mark Zuckerberg is an interesting fellow. If he's not living on what he catches, or scouting the world for new talent, then he's heading out to South Korea to talk to Samsung execs about finding ways to better promote Facebook through their product portfolio. Sadly for us, not many details can be made, but we can make some educated guesses as to why he's there in the first place.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Octa-core hits Korea shelves tomorrow

The past few days we've all been spending plenty of time following the news and release of Samsung's upcoming flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone. Set to hit carriers in the U.S. like US Cellular, AT&T, T-Mobile and others over the next few days and weeks, but over in South Korea that 8-core model is about to be released.

Eric Schmidt jumps on the Gangnam Style bandwagon

This is probably the strangest story we'll write about all day here on Android Community, but here goes: old white men trying to keep up with the latest trends is nothing new, and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just reminded us of that. He was recently spotted performing the dance that has taken the world by storm, Gangnam Style. No, we're not kidding.

Apple and Samsung both infringe on each other’s patents, Korean court rules

Apple and Samsung may currently be engaged in a high-profile patent suit here in the States, but the companies are actually going to war all around the world. A similar case in South Korea has just wrapped up, with a Seoul court ruling that Apple and Samsung have infringed on each other's patents. What's worse is that Apple and Samsung are now banned from selling a variety of devices in South Korea, including the Galaxy S II for Samsung and the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for Apple.

Galaxy S III with quad-core and 4G LTE heads to Korea July 9

It looks like Samsung saved the best for last and for their home country, because an impressive top of the line new Galaxy S III is arriving in Korea. Come July 9th Korea will be getting the best of both worlds in regards to this flagship phone. Head down past the break for all the details on this extremely impressive phone that we'll never get to enjoy.

Samsung SHV-E170K brings Snapdragon S4 to Korea

It's been just over a week since Samsung announced the Galaxy S III, but industry watchers will know that the company has never let something as small as a flagship launch months in the making get in the way of yet another launch. So it is with the Samsung SHV-E170K, a phone curiously devoid of Galaxy branding and headed to the KT wireless carrier in South Korea later this month. SammyHub spotted the phone among some other, older phones being introduced to the carrier.
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