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Eric Schmidt jumps on the Gangnam Style bandwagon

This is probably the strangest story we'll write about all day here on Android Community, but here goes: old white men trying to keep up with the latest trends is nothing new, and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just reminded us of that. He was recently spotted performing the dance that has taken the world by storm, Gangnam Style. No, we're not kidding.

Apple and Samsung both infringe on each other’s patents, Korean court rules

Apple and Samsung may currently be engaged in a high-profile patent suit here in the States, but the companies are actually going to war all around the world. A similar case in South Korea has just wrapped up, with a Seoul court ruling that Apple and Samsung have infringed on each other's patents. What's worse is that Apple and Samsung are now banned from selling a variety of devices in South Korea, including the Galaxy S II for Samsung and the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for Apple.

Galaxy S III with quad-core and 4G LTE heads to Korea July 9

It looks like Samsung saved the best for last and for their home country, because an impressive top of the line new Galaxy S III is arriving in Korea. Come July 9th Korea will be getting the best of both worlds in regards to this flagship phone. Head down past the break for all the details on this extremely impressive phone that we'll never get to enjoy.

Samsung SHV-E170K brings Snapdragon S4 to Korea

It's been just over a week since Samsung announced the Galaxy S III, but industry watchers will know that the company has never let something as small as a flagship launch months in the making get in the way of yet another launch. So it is with the Samsung SHV-E170K, a phone curiously devoid of Galaxy branding and headed to the KT wireless carrier in South Korea later this month. SammyHub spotted the phone among some other, older phones being introduced to the carrier.

Kia bundling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with new K9

If you're looking for both a car that sounds like it belongs to the animal handler in your local municipal police precinct and a solid Android tablet to boot, Kia's got a deal for you. The South Korean automaker has teamed with its electronics neighbor Samsung to offer free special edition versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to those who pre-order a Kia K9, the new large-scale luxury sedan debuting in June. It appears that the offer is only valid in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Note gets a Berry Pink edition in South Korea

Samsung loves their pink phones. If you're anywhere in Asia you can probably pick up a pink Galaxy S II at your local Qi-Shiyi, but alas, that option has been sadly missing from the Galaxy Note. Not anymore: a new "Berry Pink" version on the extra-large smartphone was unveiled in Samsung's home territory of South Korea yesterday. If you simply must have the right hue to match your lip gloss, toenails and/or Tazer, this is the one for you. Sammy says that the pink version will go on sale on April 17th, presumably for the same price as the more sedate colors. The pink version was previously spotted at CeBIT.

LG D1L leaked for a May release with ICS and Snapdragon S4 on board

The Optimus 4X HD isn't the only fancy new superphone in the works from LG, if a report from Korean site DDaily is to be believed. There's a new phone, codenamed the "D1L", which was spotted in a recent company roadmap (second from the bottom in the right column). There's some drool-worthy hardware there to be sure - 4.7-inch 720p screen, a Snapdragon S4 processor and an LTE connection. But none are so noteworthy as the promised inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich, a software feature that's all too often absent even months after the open source code was released. The D1L is slated for release in May, though that's almost certainly its South Korean date. The LTE connection and the decision to go with Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip architecture go hand in hand. NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3, all the rage at Mobile World Congress two months ago, isn't compatible with super-fast LTE connections yet. Not that many will mind: our own benchmark tests of the HTC One Series show the dual-core Snapdragon S4 beating the Tegra 3 by a factor of 20% - not bad at all. High-end features like a 720p screen (probably using LG's excellent IPS panels) are icing on the cake. The D1L's specs line up pretty closely to the Optimus 4X HD, with the exception of the chipset and wireless standard. I'm betting the D1L (soon to be renamed something like the Optimus D LTE 4HD SUV) will be offered to LTE carriers in South Korea and North America, while those with HSPA+ standard (most carriers around the world) will get a shot at the Optimus 4X HD. The latter is also rumored to become available in May, and also has a 4.7-inch 720p screen and Ice Cream Sandwich. [via SlashGear]

Samsung updates South Korean Galaxy S with “Value Pack”

Say, Galaxy S owners, you don't want Ice Cream Sandwich, do you? No, that great performance and all those posh new features are for snobs who buy more than one phone every two years. Surely you'll be more than satisfied with a few ICS imitation features added to reliable old TouchWiz via a "Value Pack". Sarcasm aside, that's the attitude that Samsung seems to be adopting with its add-on Value Pack for Gingerbread. The first country to get the update for the Galaxy S is Sammy's home state of South Korea.

Samsung exec claims Galaxy S III will have quad-core Exynos processor

More Galaxy S III rumors - today must end with a "y", then. In its latest batch of corporate teasing, Samsung has found a surreptitious way to whet our appetites for the new flagship phone long before they even announce when they're announcing it. The Korea Times quotes an unnamed Samsung executive, who said that the company is looking to lower its dependence on silicon giant Qualcomm and go with an in-house solution. That will come in the the form of a quad-core Exynos system-on-a-chip, though the exact model, speed and capability are all up in the air at the moment. That's all you get; check back in another week for a tiny nugget of new information.
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