Sony Xperia Z3+/Z4 teardown video shows up

We don’t really know what happened to Sony with its Xperia Z4 (in Japan) – or Xperia Z3+ in other markets – and why they suddenly took a low profile when their past flagships, particularly the Xperia Z3, was deemed as one of, if not THE best smartphone around a year before. We hope Sony bounces back from this so-so effort this year. But in case you want to see the Sony Xperia Z4 being torn down in a video, this is the place to be.

Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact image leaked, hints at fingerprint scanner

We don't really depend on tipsters like @ViziLeaks but admit or not, some leaked images and rumors turn out to be true especially if they come from well-known and prolific tech leakers in gadget town. ViziLeaks recently posted on Twitter a photo of the alleged Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact. The next flagship phone models have been in our minds lately especially since we heard the Sony is working on two new premium phones. We heard the pair will be out before 2015 ends and we're hopeful the Xperia Z5 will not disappoint and will definitely be better than the Xperia Z3+ aka Xperia Z4 in Japan.

Sony’s IFA 2015 announcement confirmed for September 2

Not much details here but at least we know that Sony is busy preparing for the IFA 2015 happening in Berlin this coming September 4 to 9. The company has been confirmed to join the event and will hold a special press conference to showcase many new products. That's exactly a month from now so we can expect more rumors, leaks, and renders will come out in the coming days and weeks.

Sony to unveil something on August 3; might be Xperia C5 Ultra

We are not sure yet if it’s a new smartphone, a new totally different device, or just a brand new app for their users, but Sony is definitely up to something on August 3. They posted on their official Xperia Twitter account that there will be an announcement on Monday, specifically something that has to do with taking split-second photos, whatever that means. Whatever it turns out to be, you can bet that Android and/or Sony fans will be glued to news sites, waiting for what this announcement will be.

Sony’s Concept for Android build now out on XDA

We heard about Sony’s new “Concept for Android” build a few days back, and we were kinda wondering what it was. A new software build, most probably. But they finally came out and said that it was indeed a new build for select Sony Xperia Z3 users – and in Sweden only, no less – that was closer to stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop than the usual Sony Lollipop build. That means most of the Sony bloatware and features were stripped out, and what you have is Lollipop, glorious Lollipop. Well, sort of.

Brazilian police value stolen prototype of Xperia C5 Ultra at $12M

If you think that stealing a prototype of an upcoming gadget is a piece of cake, think again, especially if you live in Brazil. Whoever was caught with a stolen prototype of the soon to be announced Sony Xperia C5 Ultra will not just be faced with jail time (we assume) but probably a hefty fine as well. That’s because they have valued the prototype not at the supposed market price but rather on the development cost of the device, which is at $12M.

Sony’s MPCL1 is a pico projector that will fit right in your pocket 

Gone are the days of lugging around with you a heavy LCD projector that takes a million years to set up and whose quality is not always that great. With the advent of pico projectors, we now have the ability to put in our bag, or in some instances, literally our pocket, a portable one that we can carry around for meetings and presentations. Sony’s latest one is is the MPCL1, and even thought it’s coming out this October, we can start getting excited about it now.

User guide of Sony Xperia C5 Ultra surfaced

Before the Xperia Z5 or the H2 phones are unveiled, Sony is set to announce the Xperia C5 Ultra. This is the first time we're hearing about the new smartphone but we have some hint about its existence. Thanks to a user guide that recently surfaced, giving us an idea that the Xperia C4 now has a followup. Well, that's a quick one considering the C4 was only announced last month. Others are saying this could be the Sony Lavender but we're taking this with a pinch of salt.
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