Sony Xperia

Sony Honami image leak details the handset in white

We have seen plenty of Sony Honami leaks, however as of today it looks like another has arrived. This latest however is showing the handset in yet another color. As you can likely see from the images included in this post -- it appears as if the Sony Honami will also be available in white.

Sony’s leak-prevention technique leaked

In the technology industry, especially when it comes to gadgets and devices, leaked images and information have become almost a fact of life. In some cases, it could be used for good, to build up excitement and hype around a new product. But normally, companies prefer to keep things secret to capitalize on suspense or surprise. And that is exactly what Sony wants by wrapping its new devices in a shroud of mystery, almost literally.

Sony Honami leaked in purple, tipped September 4th reveal

With the unveiling of the LG G2 yesterday, there is now more room to speculate on devices that have yet to see the light of day, especially those that are supposedly going to be revealed next month. One such device is Sony's next smartphone, only known by the name "Honami", which based on a recently leaked photo, will be announced on September 4 and with a somewhat unconventional color.

Sony Honami-based ROM gives preview of what the real thing could feel like

With all the attention being given to upcoming models like the LG G2, the HTC One Max, or the Samsung Galaxy Note III, it is easy to overlook yet another rumored phone. The Sony Honami, which is touted to be the successor of the Xperia Z, already had a lot of leaks, mostly images and renders. But now, we get a chance to see what the Honami might really look and feel like thanks to a custom ROM developed over at XDA.

Sony Honami image leak details 20-megapixel camera setting

The Sony Honami leaks seem to be almost as frequent as the Moto X leaks these days. The good part about the Moto X is that an announcement is coming in just a days time, on August 1st. Sony on the other hand, isn't expected to announce the Honami until September 4th during IFA 2013. Basically, that seems to imply we have about another month of Honami related leaks to look forward to seeing.