Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia ZL FCC filing points to an upcoming AT&T release

Sony previously announced plans to release the Xperia ZL for those in the US. That bit came back in early-March. The catch is that the handset will be available unlocked and contract-free. Basically, while it will be available for purchase, it will likely be selling at a price higher than many are willing to pay. Enter a carrier subsidized model which looks like it will be coming by way of AT&T.

Sony Xperia ZL heads to the US unlocked and in 3 colors

Similar to Sony's flagship Xperia Z, the impressive and slightly smaller Xperia ZL has been confirmed to be headed to the US by Sony themselves. Not only that but the 5-inch touting smartphone will be unlocked and usable on AT&T and T-Mobile. Then will even be offered in 3 sleek color options. More details can be had after the break.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z hands-on: World’s thinnest tablet

Sony is ready to take on the Android tablet market again with their new and improved Xperia Tablet Z. Claiming it's the "world's thinnest 10.1-inch tablet" it offers some top tier specs all in a sleek and lightweight design. Their previous tablets haven't been too popular, but Sony hopes to shake things up with the all new Z. It's only 6.9mm thin, has a quad-core processor, and will control your TV with ease. Read on for our full hands-on.

Sony Xperia Z goes up for sale early in Europe

Sony has an impressive new smartphone headed to market soon. Simply known as the Xperia Z. Their new flagship smartphone was pretty impressive when we got our hands on it at CES, and now it looks like those in Europe can get it right this minute. Last week Sony confirmed the device would hit the streets starting February 21st in Europe, but it appears to already be available.

CMO Steve Walker to leave Sony Mobile

After 17 years of being with Sony, Sony Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Walker, is leaving the company to pursue new challenges. Steve Walker has been instrumental to Sony's success throughout the years, with one of his major accomplishments being the rebranding of Sony's mobile division from Sony Ericsson to Sony Mobile in February 2012. Walker's last project will be the launch of the Sony Xperia Z. It's a bit poetic, with the launch of Sony's game-changing flagship device comes the departure of its chief marketing officer. Walker believes that the launch of the Xperia Z, along with the global marketing campaign which he headed, will bring Sony to its next chapter. He also feels like with its next chapter, it is only natural that he pursues his own next chapter as well. Walker's position will be taken over by Jacob Sten, who is currently the head of Sony Mobile's newly-created product marketing department. Dennis van Schie, Corporate Vice President of Sony Mobile, says that the structural changes that are happening inside of Sony Mobile right now will help support the 'One Sony' global operating model that will help the company progress to the next level. Steve Walker will leave the company at the end of March, and he did not mention where he'd be heading to next. But with the anticipated success of the Sony Xperia Z, and the creation of Sony's global marketing campaign, there's no doubt that he'll be heading somewhere big. [timeline] [via Marketing Magazine]

Sony Xperia Z kernel source released

The kernel source for the Sony Xperia Z has been released nearly a month before the actual device is speculated to launch. This is great news for the open source developer community and it earns Sony some brownie points in the eyes of Android users. Sony has an impressive track record of releasing source code for its developers immediately upon the release of its devices.

Sony Xperia Z pricing revealed as pre-orders go live in the UK

If you are in the UK and looking forward to getting your hands on the Xperia Z, it looks like Sony has inched things one step closer to a release. We are seeing some pricing along with some pre-order availability. Xperia Z details have recently appeared with Sony as well as with several carriers and retailers to include Phones4u, Carphone Warehouse, Three and O2.
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