QuickClick starts any device action with volume buttons

Dedicated tactile features for specific functions – like the dedicated camera button on the Sony Xperia S, or the gesture shortcuts on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones – are usually the realm of high-end Android products, making users of the more basic units a bit jealous because, hey, you get what you pay for. But then there are apps like QuickClick that let you get close to those dedicated high-end functionalities, with just a couple of clicks on the volume button.

Sony shows off ICS for the Xperia S on video

If you're a Sony Xperia S owner, no doubt you're getting mighty impatient for a long-overdue Ice Cream Sandwich update. Today you can get a little bit of a preview, thanks to a Thai video from Sony XP. The update is scheduled to land on the international phone in June, though it'll retain much of the same custom interface that's on the Gingerbread ROM at the moment.

Sony Xperia S getting ICS in June

One of Sony's recent flagship smartphones, the Xperia S has some pretty impressive specs when it launched earlier this year but sadly still came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Sony did add a few ICS-like features with folders and such but it isn't quite the same. We have good news today because over at the Sony forums we're hearing the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming soon.

Sony Xperia Ion leak suggests June release

While the Sony Xperia S has been making friends and influencing people overseas, its American cousin the Xperia Ion has been patiently and silently waiting in the wings at AT&T. There's been no official word on when Sony's flagship device will come to the US carrier, but a sharp-eyed member at Droid Matters spotted an advertisement in his Gmail inbox stating that the phone was scheduled for a June release. The ad links to a Sony page, not AT&T, so presumably the manufacturer made the error.

Sony Hayabusa specs rumored: 4.5-inch screen, 7mm thin

The last we heard of the strangely-named Hayabusa, it was sitting on a Sony release list bound for July. At that time we didn't know anything about the phone, other than the fact that it was one of the most expensive (and presumably most powerful) devices on Sony's 2012 lineup. Now BriefMobile reports from unnamed sources in China that the phone is the LT29i, destined to become Sony's next flagship. And if their specs are anything close to real, it'll be a doozie.

Sony Xperia S heads to Canada unlocked on April 17th

While not quite as flashy as some of the other flagship Android phones running around at the moment, the Sony Xperia S is still a drool-worthy device - and those of us in the Americas are drooling all the more because we can't have it yet. But if you happen to live above the 49th parallel, you won't have to wait much longer: Sony's bringing the Xperia S to Canada on April 17th (next Tuesday). There's a catch, though: you won't find it on any of Canada's cell phone providers, not even the previously rumored Rogers. You'll only be able to pick it up from Sony's website or an official Sony Store.

Some Sony Xperia S owners report screen heat, discoloration problems

The display on Sony's Xperia S is pretty awesome: a 1280x720 IPS display in a 4.3-inch phones makes for one of the highest pixel densities in the smartphone world, with color accuracy to match. But aparently all is not well in Xperia town - many users are reporting an unpleasant shift into the yellow spectrum when the phone gets hot, i.e., under any sort of high data or processing load. Sony told Cnet UK that they're aware of the problem, and will repair customers' phones at no extra cost.
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