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AOSP developer says 5-month wait for ICS is “very reasonable”

Meet Jean-Baptiste Queru. He's Google's lead technical developer for the Android Open Source Project, the open-source Android code that manufacturers and ROM developers use to create updated versions of Android. And he's not nearly as upset about the lackadaisical state of Android updates as we (and probably you) are. In a Google+ post yesterday, he broke down some of the reasons that Android updates in general and Ice Cream Sandwich updates in particular take so long.

Sony Tablet S and Tablet P ICS updates coming in April for Japan

Trying out your shiny new Tablet P on AT&T, only to wish it had an operating system that wasn't nearing a year out of date? Then you're in luck: Sony has announced that it'll be pushing out the Ice Cream Sandwich update to both the Tablet S and Tablet P in April, making good on its earlier promise. The bad news is that it's only confirmed for Japan at the moment; those with WiFi-only Tablet S machines in the US and elsewhere will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time to get their hands on the update.

Sony Tablet S finally receives the gift of root

With any triple-A Android phone or tablet, it's almost a given that root access will be achieved within days of release - or sometimes days before. But every once in a while one slips through the cracks, often a device that's got enough brand name of a little interest but is priced outside of most people's budgets. Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet, which only got root last month, is a prime example. Sony's Tablet S has been available in the US for about five months and longer than that in Japan, but it's taken this long for the Android mod community to get around to giving it the root treatment. Tablet S owners, you can send your thanks to Dan Rosenberg, who's done this for a growing number of Android devices.

Sony Tablet S and Tablet P ICS update coming this spring, with PS3 controller support

Sony announced late last that its first two Android tablets, the mostly conventional S and the hinged split-screen P, would be getting an official Ice Cream Sandwich update. Of course, a promise without a timeframe rings somewhat hollow. TechRadar reports that Sony announced that both models will be updated "this spring", speaking to the press at a London event. The company spokesman also let loose about some exciting new functionality, including Microsoft Office and PlayStation 3 controller compatibility.

Sony’s Tablet S gets a $100 price cut

Hey Sony, you know that the holidays are over now, right? Betanews reports that the company's primary Android Honeycomb tablet, the Tablet S, is seeing a permanent price reduction by a cool $100. That brings the 16GB version down to $399 (in line with the original Eee Pad Transformer) and the 32GB version down to $499, directly competing with the 16GB iPad 2. There's no word from Sony on the reasoning behind the price cut, but with low-cost Android tablets making a big splash this quarter, it's likely that sales of the Tablet S haven't been all that great.

Sony plans Ice Cream Sandwich update for Tablet S and Tablet P

Sony has already confirmed its plans to bring Android 4.0 to each and every Xperia phone released in 2011, and now its only two entries into the tablet market are getting a similar treatment. The manufacturer confirms that Ice Cream Sandwich will see its way to the 9.4-inch Tablet S and the dual-screen Tablet P. The announcement came via press release today.

Holier than thou: Pope Benedict lights Christmas tree with Android tablet

The Lord hath spoken: "What iPad?" MSNBC reports that at a tree lighting ceremony in a small Italian town, Pope Benedict XVI used a Sony Android tablet to remotely activate the lights on a huge electronic display. The Pope himself was in his apartments at the Vatican, and a remote trigger was rigged up for the special occasion. He greeted crowds gathered at the event via teleconferencing.
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