Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 gets boarding passes from Vueling

Coming one day after the Android Wear news from Google, Sony is expanding the functionality of their own Smartwatch 2. Sony has said they are "launching the world's first wearable boarding pass." These passes will be provided by way of Vueling, and arriving in app form with the promise of helping make your trip a "bit more seamless."

Sony SmartWatch 2 launches in the US

Sony originally announced the SmartWatch 2 back in June and at the time it was said the watch would be arriving in the third-quarter of the year. Well, it looks like the time has come for a US release. Sony has announced the immediate US availability for the SmartWatch 2 and users will be able to pick it up direct with Sony or with "other" online retailers.

Sony Xperia Z1 pre-orders will include a Sony Smartwatch 2 with EE

UK carrier EE has yet to make an official announcement, however a leaked advertisement suggests the carrier will be offering a free Sony Smartwatch 2 for those who pre-order the Sony Xperia Z1. The Z1 is perhaps still better known as the Honami and Sony is expected to announce the handset at an event on September 4th. We have yet to see anything that suggests this is a Sony offer (as opposed to an EE offer), however if that happens to be the case, we would expect to hear a bit more tomorrow.

Sony Smartwatch 2 release date tipped for September

Late last month the folks from Sony announced their plans to offer a new and improved Sony Smartwatch 2 wearable device with a 1.6-inch display. One that builds on the previous generation. After initial reports suggested a July 15th release date in the UK, today that's been pushed into September.

Sony SmartWatch 2 UK shipments expected to begin in mid-July

Sony announced the SmartWatch 2 a short while back and while we saw a complete set of specs, things were not quite as complete in terms of the pricing and availability details. We still have yet to see anything official from Sony in that regard, however UK retailer Clove has recently offered a bit of detail on the subject. They have even opened up pre-orders for those ready to part with some money.
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