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Sony S1/S2 tablets get PlayStation demo and video fondle

The last video teaser we saw of the Sony S1 and S2 tablets, the company was strapping them to a Rube Goldberg-style machine and hardly telling us anything at all. Happily a brief demo of the Android Honeycomb prototypes in Munich this week has been more elucidating; while Sony still isn't saying much about final specs or software, at least Golem got to briefly play with the slates. The S1's 9.7-inch display, folded-magazine style tapered form factor and light, 600g weight met with approval, the wedge shape make for something easy to hold. Sony apparently had Crash Bandicoot running on the tablet, with the on-screen PlayStation controls straightforward to use. The company is still generally quiet, but has apparently confirmed PlayStation Suite compatibility. As for the S2, that's a lot more compact than we initially expected - the clamshell form-factor hiding its dual 5.5-inch touchscreens well - and does a decent job of minimizing the gap between the two panels. Sony hasn't confirmed pricing or availability, but previous leaks have suggested a September launch in Europe which could well mean an IFA 2011 official reveal. [youtube nGyynWokrpA] [via SlashGear]

Sony S1 and S2 tablet teaser channels Rube Goldberg [Video]

Your eyes do not deceive you: that is indeed Sony's pair of tablets - the S1 and S2 - being seen in video form for the first time. In front of them is a tiny train, for Sony has followed in the Rube Goldberg footsteps of Honda and others, and created an oddly slow-paced teaser full of shadows and clunking. Neither of the tablets get much in the way of a demo. There's the regular Android Honeycomb homescreen, as you can see above, and some endearing shots of both models telling us "I love you." "To Be Continued" the video suggests, and so hopefully future episodes will make everything a little clearer. Otherwise it's business as usual: Tegra 2 confirmed, dual-displays on the S2 and what looks to be a roughly September launch. [youtube HmZD6bM0jcI] [Thanks Carl!]
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