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Sony’s Xperia Play has more than 200 optimized games

When Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia Play last year, one of the primary concerns was a dearth of games to take advantage of its PlayStation-style slide-out gamepad. Those concerns appear to have been unfounded: AndroidGuys reports that the company confirmed the availability of more than 200 Xperia Play-optimized Android games. That doesn't hold a candle to the wide array of games availabe on the Android Market, or for that matter, any major gaming console you'd care to mention, but it's an impressive feat none the less.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc HD: Spyshot

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc HD has surfaced again today in a quick spyshot from what seems to be Hong Kong. We saw just yesterday a leaked press image of the device, and most noticeable is the glowing ring that paths around the bottom. The softkeys are definitely there, but the glow is probably just for looks - and that's fine by me. From this new image, it's safe to say the Arc HD will come in both black and white models.

Xperia Play heads to C-Spire, regional carrier ready for gaming

Regional carrier C-Spire apparently wants in on the gaming action here in Android and today have announced the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will be available to C-Spire customers for just $49.99 starting today. Better late than never right? The phone is the same model already available from Verizon, that is also $49 from AT&T so this isn't anything new -- Just a good deal for those C-Spire users.

Sony Ericsson brand to be phased out in mid-2012; Sony goes all Android

With Sony purchasing what's left of Sony Ericsson back in October, keen observers knew that Ericsson's days as an official brand partner were numbered. According to an interview with the Times of India, that transition will be happening sooner rather than later, with Sony Ericsson-branded phones being transitioned out by the middle of 2012. The phones that are produced post-integration will simply feature the "Sony" label.

Sony Ericsson Nozomi pictured running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

The Sony Ericsson Nozomi (LT26i) has leaked for us in a very tiny cropped picture watermarked from It's looking quite sleek from what we can see, but there's really no way to tell how small or large the display actually is. My guess is it's right at around 4". From playing around with the Nexus S running an AOSP Android 4.0 ROM, 4" is a great size to run ICS on. As Chris Chavez notes from Phandroid, it looks as if the actual device name may be the XPERIA Cloud - though that's not for certain. If you zoom into the photo you'll notice a few things; first off under the Camera heading, you can see it will take 1920x1080 video capture. Next you'll notice it has a dual core processor and even microSD support. I've always been a fan of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA line, and this phone looks the best by far. Unlike the Galaxy Nexus, it seems to have three softkeys included near the chin of the device, making navigation not completely dedicated to the display. It looks extremely thin, but then again most recent XPERIA devices (such as the Ray) were. I hope it makes it here to the states soon, because it would be a shame for the Galaxy Nexus to not have some proper competition! But chances are, our main man Chris Davies over in London will get it first - as most Sony Ericsson devices hit international waters first. [via Phandroid]

FIFA 12 launches for Xperia Play and more

EA Mobile has announced that the FIFA 12 mobile game has launched for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone. We learned that the game was coming to the Xperia Play back in August as an exclusive until February of 2012. When the game was announced as a limited time exclusive for the Xperia Play we didn’t know exactly when it would be coming.

SE LT22i/Nypon surfaces in naked pics

If you are a hardcore Android geek that happens to be a fan of Sony Ericsson and like pics of devices in the works check this out. A photo of what is supposed to be the Sony Ericsson Nypon or LT22i smartphone have leaked. These are obviously prototype pics since the smartphone is nothing more than a screen on a board of some sort in testing.

Sony Ericsson Arc HD and more HD devices leaked in user agent profiles

We've heard rumors and even seen pictures of the next Sony Ericsson smartphone rocking a 1280 x 720p HD display but now we have a few more on the horizon. In a set of user agent profiles that were leaked we can now confirm the Arc HD (LT26i) will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 720p HD display just like the recently leaked photos suggested. Along with that we have a few more profiles also leaked.
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