Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

Sony Announces Over 20 New Games to be Demoed for Xperia Play at E3

In the past E3 has belonged to the major video game companies, but as gaming is ramping up on phones and tablets, expect to see a lot more Android at the gaming conference in coming years. Case in point, Sony Ericsson has announced over twenty new games that will be coming to the Android, including ten that will be exclusive to their Xperia Play. Sony Ericsson says the games will be made available over the coming months, but many of them will be available to demo at their booth at E3.

Xperia Play with HDMI out spotted in the Wild

When the Xperia Play launched one of the features everyone wished they had was HDMI out. To be able to enjoy those amazing games over HDMI would really make the Play a true gaming phone. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play did not ship with HDMI out, although devices like the Arc did so there must have been a reason behind this. You can see our very own unboxing and hands-on, HDMI out is missing sadly.

Star Battalion for Xperia PLAY Review

This is a game that, if you're a fan of either of the following games or series, you're going to love the heck out of: StarFox 64 and Rogue Squadron for Gamecube. I know there's games very similar to those two, but those are massively iconic and without a doubt they flew through your humble narrator's mind the entire time he was playing the game we're talking about right here right now. This is Star Battalion and it's available now exclusively for Xperia PLAY - let's play it!

Qualcomm Uplinq 2011 Keynote Details: 3D, Augmented Reality, Peer-to-Peer Gaming

Today Qualcomm was at the Uplinq 2011 Event and started things off this morning on the first keynote with Dr Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm. He was standing in front of a huge screen that showed impressive idea's, data, and numbers throughout the keynote. Jacobs commented that they’ve learned mobile data is expected to increase and grow by 10-12 fold come 2015 and they plan to be around for it all. He also mentions that Qualcomm's shipped over 1 Billion devices already. Those are some impressive numbers to start off the day.

DropBox to come Pre-installed on Sony Ericsson Phones

DropBox has recently announced they have partnered with Sony Ericsson and will be coming pre-installed on future devices from Sony. Dropbox is the popular cloud based storage option that many Android users currently take advantage of. For now the Xperia Play and Arc will be getting the DropBox treatment. They do mention they are working on it for Verizon, but future releases for those devices will have it.

Android Community 101: Where do I find Xperia PLAY games?

So you've purchased your first Xperia PLAY, your first ever gamer phone, a PlayStation phone like you've never seen before. It's fabulous, the games are great, and you're having the time of your life. But wait, is this it? Aren't there any more apps to be downloaded? All I see are regular games in the Android Market, aren't there any more games that are optimized for this PlayStation controller? I can't believe I can't just click around and figure it out - Ah ha! I'll go to Android Community, they'll know!

Battle Bears -1 for Xperia PLAY Review

Behold the next chapter in our review series of the games currently exclusive to (or otherwise optimized for) the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, aka the PlayStation phone. What this game "Battle Bears -1" consists of is you controlling an upright-standing cartoon 3D bear from a 3rd person over-the-shoulder perspective as he collects weapons and cuts down, blasts, or otherwise destroys the rest of the characters in the game. You'll be using all your fingers for this one.

Android Community Weekly : May 28, 2011

Welcome back to Android Community Weekly! Early this past Monday, details of the HTC Holiday headed for AT&T emerged. Much like the EVO 3D, it is said to sport a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor as well as a qHD display (and just like the Samsung Infuse, it is said to span 4.5”). Also launched this week was AppTap Ads to aid in advertising applications for developers. It will give users an easy to use ad buying tool to track their targeted ads across the net.

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Review [Verizon]

Welcome to a real PlayStation experience. What you're dealing with here is the original Android 2.3 Gingerbread Google Phone that fell out of grace for one reason or another but definitely still shows signs that it was MADE to work with Gingerbread. It's slick and sleek, the physical buttons for the 4 Android functions are fabulous, and the combination of plastic and metal and glass in the majority of the handset are well done. But how about that PlayStation controller? Let's take a look.

Sony Ericsson Talking Bootloader Unlocking Too

SO we're talking about unlocking bootloaders lately, and it appears the Sony Ericsson is up for review next. Last night we were tipped off by HTC that they would, indeed be unlocking bootloaders on all future devices. What Sony Ericsson is doing at this very moment is discussing the bootloaders on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, specifically in regards to SEUS, aka the Sony Ericsson Update Service. There've been two notes coming out on this subject thus far: one that says unlocking the bootloader will stop you from getting official updates, the other that says that it'll be just fine.
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