Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc

Vodafone UK promises XPERIA Arc “coming soon”

Vodafone UK has joined fellow carrier Three in confirming that it will be offering the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, though we don't yet know an exact release date. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone has a capacious 4.2-inch BRAVIA-branded touchscreen, 8.1-megapixel camera and HD video capture. There's also an HDMI port, despite the Arc measuring just 8.7mm at its thinnest point. More hands-on feedback on the XPERIA Arc here.

Sony Ericsson Hallon to be Called Xperia Neo

That's right, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo is the newest name for what up until now everone's been calling both the Hallon and the Vivaz 2. This new bit of information doesn't change the notion that this device will more than likely be announced during the Mobile World Congress event in less than two weeks in Barcelona. You know how you can grab the real info, the confirmed info, right at the moment it's truly revealed? You can stick right here on Android Community, because we'll be there LIVE to bring you the information here, over the ocean.

PlayStation Phone Close Up Hands-On Preview [Video]

It appears that none other than our pals over at Engadget have gotten their hands on an official Xperia Play, aka the Playstation Phone. Take a very close look at the hardware, the software, the camera, and the smoothness of the overall experience. It looks fab, it looks great, and it looks like it's going to be quite an amazing package.

Pre-Order Xperia Arc Now

So you're itching to grapple your fingers around that spiffy new Android phone from Sony, yes? You're in LUCK as if you're living in the UK and you want to pre-order this lovely device, the Xperia Arc, aka Xperia X12, you can do so right this moment via for the low low price of £459.99 with free delivery if you life anywhere inside the kingdom. They note that the expected release date for this device is April 1st, 2011. Cool beans!

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 18 2011

What a busy day in Android news! As we approach Mobile Word Congress 2011, we are getting many leaks of upcoming devices that are set to be showcased at the worldwide event in Barcelona next month. Grab hold of the massively wild story surrounding Samsung's possible charging of fees for Android updates (refuted by they themselves late tonight.) Take a peek at the G-Slate, see where you can grab 300+ free games in the Android Marketplace, and help us stop a pirate! What a fabulously exciting list of updates awaits you here in the Android Community Daily Wrap Up!

Sony Ericsson demo XPERIA Arc Exmor R photography prowess [Video]

Sony Ericsson has been talking more about the camera tech in the new XPERIA Arc, its 8.1-megapixel shooter capable of HD video recording. What makes the Arc special isn't the number of megapixels, though, but the back-illuminated sensor, using Sony's Exmor R tech, and its f/2.4 aperture value, which add up to improved low-light performance. We'll have to wait and see how exactly the XPERIA Arc performs in the real-world to know for sure, but the smartphone could well end up one of the best Android devices for photography. Incidentally, the HD video of the Arc below was actually shot by another Arc, so it's a useful way to see the video quality as well. [youtube 7RdNfff_-0g]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc to Feature Unlimited Points Touch Screen

First be sure to take a peek at Sony Ericsson's XPERIA Arc in our hands-on video, then come back and take notice at something that may be freaking awesome - the possibility of a massively multi-touch screen handled by a Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer. This group has three kinds of digitizers in it's TrueTouch family, the CY8CTMAxxx, CY8CTMGxxx and CY8CTSTxxx. The first is a Multi-Touch All-Point which can withstand up to 32 simultaneous loading points - this is the one they found in the TGBUS teardown. Do you know what that means?

XPERIA Mini Model Line Continuation Confirmed by Sony Ericcson

So you like yourself a little bit of XPERIA with your Sony Ericsson, eh? How about a very tiny amount? How about one that's so small, they call it a mini? More minis for everyone! Sony Ericsson has spoken with Pocket Lint about their future over the next 12 months, and Mini is up on the bill. Not only did they, (meaning of course Steven Walker, (acting) head of global marketing at Sony Ericsson,) reveal that there'll be Minis, but they plan on expanding upon all Xperia lines and ranges they had in 2010 through 2011. Exciting and hooray!

Sony Ericsson Admits to a Bad Year, Promises an Awesome 2011

So it seems as though Pocket Link got a moment or two of Steve Walker, acting Global Head of Marketing for Sony Ericsson who said that the company learned "a huge amount last year" (meaning 2010) and that “The first generation of handsets in our portfolio was about getting the capability out there." He goes on to say what "went wrong" with Sony Ericsson this year and what they planned on doing next year. It's all so simple!
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