Sony Ericcson

Sony Ericsson Sticking with Android, Releasing Phones with Latest OS

Still just releasing the apparently massive amount of interviews and tiny tips they received at CES 2011, Pocket Lint today lets loose a little interview they had with Steven Walker, acting head of global marketing at Sony Ericsson. In this interview, Walker lets the world know that they don't plan on working with Microsoft on Windows Phone right this moment, having worked with them on a number of 6.x products but not quite feeling like they need any "concrete announcement" when or if they'll work with Windows Phone 7. On that note, Walker does confirm they'll continue to release a massive amount of Android product: "We see the need as an industry to galvanise behind the Android ecosystem to create a strong ecosystem for consumers."

XPERIA Mini Model Line Continuation Confirmed by Sony Ericcson

So you like yourself a little bit of XPERIA with your Sony Ericsson, eh? How about a very tiny amount? How about one that's so small, they call it a mini? More minis for everyone! Sony Ericsson has spoken with Pocket Lint about their future over the next 12 months, and Mini is up on the bill. Not only did they, (meaning of course Steven Walker, (acting) head of global marketing at Sony Ericsson,) reveal that there'll be Minis, but they plan on expanding upon all Xperia lines and ranges they had in 2010 through 2011. Exciting and hooray!

Sony Ericsson Admits to a Bad Year, Promises an Awesome 2011

So it seems as though Pocket Link got a moment or two of Steve Walker, acting Global Head of Marketing for Sony Ericsson who said that the company learned "a huge amount last year" (meaning 2010) and that “The first generation of handsets in our portfolio was about getting the capability out there." He goes on to say what "went wrong" with Sony Ericsson this year and what they planned on doing next year. It's all so simple!

PlayStation Phone coming in March?

As the Nexus S has been revealed to the Android Community we can no longer speculate about the devices upcoming features, so the internet's next device of focus is, of course, the PlayStation phone. It seems now that someone within Sony Ericcson has confirmed the device for a launch in March of 2011.
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