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Sony Lens Cameras get official: Be a photographer with any smartphone

Sony wants to get serious when it comes to smartphone photography, and today they've officially announced their brand new "Lens Cameras" that can attach to any smartphone. We know basically everything already at this point, and previous leaks were 100% accurate, but today Sony just made it all official. They're called the Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 and we have plenty of picture and details below.

Sony NEX-5T camera revealed with easy Android NFC sharing

Smartphones lately have been focusing quite heavily on the camera side of things, and Sony is surely paying attention. We know they have a few neat new lens accessories that will attach to smartphones, which we're expecting them to announce on September 4th, and yesterday they revealed a new point-and-shoot camera with easy NFC pairing to our Android devices.

Sony Honami camera details revealed in latest leak

We heard a bit about the Sony Honami a few days back. At that time we were talking specs. Albeit, specs that were based on a leak. As of today though, it looks like we are still talking specs for the Honami. The key difference here is this latest round is focused on the camera. Specifically, they are talking about the handset having a 1/1.6" Sony Exmore RS stacked sensor and a Cybershot G lens.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot branded Android Phone in the works

Sony has long been known for having great cameras. The Cyber-Shot is a very popular line and I remember loving my 2.0MP Cyber-Shot k750i cellphone back in the day. It was my first phone with a "good camera" back then. Times have changed and Sony Ericsson looks to be getting back into the camera roots with a Cyber-Shot branded android smartphone. Although the pictures below look to be taken by Mr. Blurrycam himself and his old 1.3MP camera, and clearly not a Cyber-shot, they are interesting either way.

Sony WalkMan Phones return

Last summer, we talked about Sony's plans to bring the Sony Walkman brand back to phones to create a media class smartphone. Back then, we were talking about a small 2.6" TFT display with a paltry 5.1 MP camera and 600 Mhz processor. There was also talk of a tablet which has of yet to appear. It may be better late than never, but we've now got word that Sony-Ericsson is gearing up marketing in preparation for a 2011 WalkMan mobile launch. And here's the poster to prove it ....

Sony Ericsson: Walkman Android Tablet/MP3 Player?

Sony might have a few extra plans for Android up their sleeve. They could have a new Walkman in the making that will powered by Android. There also could be a Sony CyberShot Android based Camera in the making as well. According to the rumors, Sony plans to make an official announcement introducing these products next month.