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DROID RAZR ICS training video leaks – still no update in sight

Motorola has made liking the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX pretty hard over the last few weeks. Leak after leak seemed to indicate that the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update, or a test, or a beta, or something, was just around the corner. Each time we've been thoroughly disappointed when the update either failed to materialize or was immediately denied. Ready for one more glimmer of hope, Motorola owners? Video walkthroughs of the DROID RAZR ROM have made their way to YouTube, complete with the new Ice Cream Sandwich interface.

Motorola may (or may not) start DROID RAZR ICS soak test soon

Moto, Moto, Moto. You aren't making any friends, least of all among owners of the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX. When news broke out of Best Buy that the flagship phones would be getting the long overdue Ice Cream Sandwich update last Wednesday, then preliminary registration for the soak test on Motorola's support forums began, customers were elated: after six long months of waiting, their superphones would be up to date. Sadly, Best Buy seems t have been completely full of it, and the soak test was just a Gingerbread update. Now word comes out od the official forum that Moto is skipping the Gingerbread update altogether and going straight for Ice Cream Sandwich... or not.

AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G update rolling out again via Kies

A couple of months ago Samsung Infuse 4G owners were thrilled to find out that thet their phones were finally getting updated to Gingerbread, only to immediately be disappointed that it was put on hold from AT&T. According to a tipster, the update is finally back on, though you'll need to connect to Samsung's Kies desktop program in order to apply it. We can't confirm the tip, so if you've got an Infuse and you're hungry for some Gingerbread, download the driver and Kies program and see if you can pull down the update.

Pantech Crossover gets a Gingerbread update

Pantech's first Android phone on AT&T launched almost a year ago, running 2.2 Froyo - which was already six months out of date at the time. Today Pantech introduced a Gingerbread update for the QWERTY phone, making several people who had probably given up hope of ever seeing a newer version of Android very happy. Well, moderately happy, anyway - it's not Ice Cream Sandwich after all. The standard bugfixes are present, along with a few new features. 

Best Buy says HTC Rezound ICS update is still on for tomorrow

Sorry, Motorola DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX owners: turns out April 4th wasn't your day, as previously indicated in a Best Buy leak. But according to yet another leak (which acknowledges the delay for the Moto phones) the Ice Cream Sandwich update is still going out to the HTC Rezound on Friday, April 6th, tomorrow. The update doesn't offer an explanation for the Moto delays, but odds are pretty good that Best Buy made the mistake that we and many others did, assuming that the latest Gingerbread update was something a little more timely.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out now

Alright, Nexus S 4G owners, it's your turn. After waiting on the GSM Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus phones, then the WiFi version of the Motorola XOOM, the CDMA Nexus S is getting its time in the sun with an official Ice Cream Sandwich rollout. If you're still using the stock Gingerbread ROM, check your Settings menu to see if it's rolling out to your region at the moment - the carrier says that it will begin sending out the updates this afternoon.

DROID RAZR soak test rolls out – psyche, it’s just Gingerbread

If you're a Motorola DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX owner who watched the Android news last week, you've probably been waiting all day for a certain frozen treat. Sorry, RAZR owners: the Ice Cream Sandwich update that an internal Best Buy document leaked seems to be a complete dud. And that update that Motorola sent out to members of its official forum? It's just another Gingerbread update, version 6.12.181 to be specific. Talk about a bummer. Oh well - adventurous users can always flash the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich update instead.

AT&T fixes the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Android 2.3.6 update

Hooray! There's an Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket! Finally users can get start enjoying Android.... 2.3.6. Yup, despite the fact that Samsung's working on an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the LTE phone, AT&T has pushed out a slight Android update for Gingerbread. This is a repair release - the previous update to 2.3.6 was broken, and wouldn't update the phone properly.

AT&T Galaxy Note gets its own leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

Someone at Samsung and/or AT&T must be just giving this stuff away, and whoever you are, we thank you. After leaks of the official Android 4.0 ROM for both the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, the same update for the plus-sized Galaxy Note has also appeared. You can download it now over at RootzWiki. The ROM in question is only for the SGH-i717, AKA AT&T's customized LTE version of the Note hardware - it won't work on international GSM versions. The leaked software runs Android 4.0.3, and doesn't appear to have any significant issues.

Android 4.0.4 leaked for CDMA Nexus S 4G

Owners of the GSM Nexus S were on top of the world last week, owing to the fact that an official Ice Cream Sandwich update had finally returned with Android 4.0.4. But in what seems to be the new norm, CDMA devices including the Nexus S 4G and Verizon's XOOM and Galaxy Nexus were left out in the cold. At least one of those has been amended, if not exactly fixed: owners of Samsung's Nexus S 4G can now run a leaked version of Android 4.0.4 on their neglected phones. BriefMobile broke the leak and is hosting the download.