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LG Revolution gets updated Gingerbread release

Let's get this right out of the way: Verizon's latest release for the LG Revolution is not, repeat not, Ice Cream Sandwich. There, we're done. That being said, there's quite a bit of new stuff in the latest update, and Revolution owners who are still on the stock software will want to upgrade immediately. Build VS910zV9 brings some important security fixes along with the usual speed and stability improvements.

T-Mobile’s “free” tethering ends with ICS upgrades

HTC Sensation 4G owners were thrilled to find out that their Ice Cream Sandwich update was finally coming from T-Mobile this week - tomorrow, in fact. But PCMag spotted a frustrating caveat in the official support document: you won't be able to use the "4G Hotspot" function for free anymore. Users who wish to share their connection will have to fork over $14.95 a month for the official tethering plan, allowing them to "officially" use the WiFi hotspot or USB data tether.

Official: T-Mobile Sensation 4G ICS update coming May 16th

T-Mobile's been pretty sparing when it comes to firm news on Ice Cream Sandwich updates, but their streak of silence ends today. The carrier announced that it intends to update the HTC Sensation 4G to Android 4.0 on May 16th, just two days from now. They also stated that the newer Amaze 4G would be getting its own update "in the coming weeks". We'd previously heard that it was scheduled for mid-June.

LG Spectrum set for major update – no ICS yet

Hey, Verizon, LG? When it comes to Android updates, there's only one thing enthusiasts want: Ice Cream Sandwich. That little mini-rant out of the way, LG's Verizon flagship Spectrum is getting an update to its Gingerbread software, rolling out as of now. If you're rocking the Verizon-branded version of the LG Optimus LTE, check your settings menu for an over-the-air update. Those who don't should get a pop-up notification sometime within the next week or so. Even if it isn't the frozen goodness that everyone wants, there's enough here to make it worth your while for a lengthy 127 megabyte download. In addition to the usual speed and stability improvements, a critical flaw in the WiFi scanning which caused numerous force-closes has been fixed. Other persistent problems like incorrect calendar notifications, a faster browser APK and smoother search. Of course, the pack-in software gets an overhaul as well. Apps like VZ Navigator (seriously, why does any carrier include a navigation app on an Android device?) NFL Mobile and Verizon Video all get manual updates. Still, the list of bug fixes should rule out any problems with Verizon and LG's bloatware. Have fun, Spectrum owners - and remember that LG should have an upgrade to ICS. Eventually. [timeline] [device id=2112] [via Droid-Life]

Google Play Store gets another minor update

Google sends out pretty constant updates to their app and media store, and the latest went out just this morning, bringing the Google Play Store up to version 3.15.19. There's no changelog and no noticeable change from previous versions, so we wouldn't be in a hurry to force update your phone or tablet. Everyone in the US at the very least should be getting the update over the next couple of days, but if you must, you can download and install it here.

ASUS updates Eee Pad Slider to Ice Cream Sandwich

Here's a pleasant surprise: ASUS just sent out a tweet saying that US owners of the Eee Pad Slider SL101 would be getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich today. So if you're reading this on a QWERTY-packing ASUS tablet, check your Settings menu for an update and enjoy a tasty software treat, compliments of the manufacturer. The build version is v9.2.1.21.

AT&T Galaxy Note gets newer and more stable ICS leak

If you're an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note owner jealous of the international model's shiny new official  Ice Cream Sandwich update, you can take solace in yet another Android 4.0 leak for the American version. BriefMobile got their hands on the official software and posted it for download. If you're running the older version, you may want to upgrade: the newer ROM brings significant bug fixes, though it's far from perfect.

Google Maps adds Offers and indoor features

For the second time in as many weeks, Google has added features to the Android client for Google Maps. The update brings integration with the Google Offers deal program, as well as navigation for those sparse areas where Google has mapped out the interior of buildings. The latter is only available for the US and Japan at the moment. Lastly, they've modified the Street View function to provide 360-degree panoramic views of the inside of stores and other venues.

AT&T CEO blames slow ICS updates on Google

We tend to avoid excessively suggestive metaphor here on Android Community, but the latest statement from AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson definitely qualifies under the edited heading "twin spheres of a metallic alloy nature". In a recent wireless industry panel, the executive blamed Google for slow updates to existing Android phones. His statements are baffling, considering that Google doesn't actually update any hardware beyond the Nexus phones and other developer devices.

HTC EVO 3D CDMA Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaked

There have been a surprising number of Ice Cream Sandwich builds released from the major manufacturers, but I honestly wasn't expecting to see this one. A generous XDA member has posted the Android 4.0 ROM for the HTC EVO 3D, straight from the source and ready for flashing. This particulate software build is intended for Virgin Mobile's US version of the phone, but it will work with The Now Network as well.
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