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Nexus 7 (2013) receiving two over-the-air updates

The new Nexus 7 ended up arriving for sale a bit earlier than was originally planned. As those first user reports have been coming in we have been seeing details about a few software updates. These updates will leave your Nexus 7 with Android 4.3, however they are showing two jumps in the version number.

HTC One S updates officially come to an end

The HTC One S is still a relatively new handset. Well, new in the respect that those who picked one up with T-Mobile are likely still tied to their original two-year agreement. The carrier had released the handset in April 2012. Anyway, with that in mind, it looks like some bad news has arrived not only for those T-Mobile users, but for anyone that happens to be carrying an HTC One S.

Pantech Flex getting Jelly Bean with AT&T

AT&T has begun rolling out another Jelly Bean update and this time around the lucky users are the ones sporting a Pantech Flex. The update is bringing Android 4.1.2 and the carrier has the delivery coming over-the-air. We suspect those with a Flex will be anxious, however AT&T has said you will be alerted by way of a text message when the update is ready for your device.

Verizon Galaxy S III update pulled following reports of connectivity issues

Verizon began updating the Galaxy S III back towards the end of last month and almost immediately after we began hearing about issues dealing with the update. Most of the issues seem to have been on the topic of connectivity, specifically with 4G LTE however things were just not right for those who had updated. Verizon has yet to say what they may do to make things better for those who updated and are experiencing issues, but it looks like they have since pulled the update.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 update brings Apps to SD, new Camera firmware, more

Samsung has begun to rollout a new software update for the GALAXY S 4. This particular update is for the GT-I9505 which is the model sporting the Snapdragon 600 processor. The initial reports show this update as arriving for those in Germany, however Samsung is expected to roll this out in other markets. Perhaps more important, this update deals with several key issues including storage space and the smearing issue.
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