BlingBoard: The ultimate all-in-one social widget [Hands-on]

One of my favorite parts of Android has always been the widgets. Developers come up with all types of awesome widgets for our phones but today I've ran across one that just might be my new favorite. It's called BlingBoard: Social Widget and it is exactly that. The ultimate social widget for Android bringing everything from Gmail, Twitter, missed calls and more into one easy to use and beautiful widget. Enjoy more details and hands-on video below.

Google Games is a unified gaming platform under development

We have more news today regarding Google tossing everything into one basket. Yesterday Google consolidated all of their offerings such as the Android Market, Google Music, Video, and Books, placing them all under the new Google Play branding, and even launched the new Play Store for Android. Today we are hearing the global company plans to do the same for gaming across all of their major platforms. They'll probably call it Google Play Games.

Sonar: Local social networking lands for Android

The popular local and location based social networking application Sonar is finally available for Android today in a limited beta. Sonar pulls data from publicly available profiles from Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and brings it all into a single application. It sounds a little scary I know, but we are hearing great things about this new social experience.

President Obama to appear on Google+ for post State of the Union Interview

Who wants to see President Obama live on a Google+ hangout? If you do then next week you are in luck because Obama will be doing exactly that. After trying to be more "social" the White House made a Google+ account last week. I was confused when I saw it but now it appears that the White House will be holding a post State of the Union interview with the President live with a Google+ Hangout.

Motorola MotoKey Social (Facebook Phone) headed to Canada

Why Motorola why? We've seen this phone a few times but it appears for some odd reason Motorola and Telus have decided to give this depressing idea another try. Introducing the Motorola MotoKey Social. The Motorola Facebook Phone that is destined for greatness, or something like that. Given the huge success of the HTC Status Facebook phone this just seems like a great idea. Right guys?

Zynga launches free Hanging With Friends Game for Android

Zynga makes some of the best game apps out there and the company has announced a new free offering that you can get on the Android Market right now called Hanging With Friends. The app is a social game twist on the traditional Hangman game that we have all played at one point. The game play has friends taking turns to create and guess words to stump other players.

Android Community 101: Google+, Circles, Huddle, Sparks, Hangouts, and Mobile Functionality

Today Vic Gundotra revealed the many ways Google will be working in the social landscape in the very near future through a project entitled Google+. In many ways this is what groups like Facebook, Twitter, and even the dying MySpace have been trying to do for many years now, Google now appearing to take what they call a "broken" sharing system online and fixing it with a series of projects, each of them with a "+" in the title. All of this begins with the very recently rounded-up Circles legend yours truly spoke about on SlashGear. Behold the round futuristic landscape!
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