Android Community 101: Google+, Circles, Huddle, Sparks, Hangouts, and Mobile Functionality

Today Vic Gundotra revealed the many ways Google will be working in the social landscape in the very near future through a project entitled Google+. In many ways this is what groups like Facebook, Twitter, and even the dying MySpace have been trying to do for many years now, Google now appearing to take what they call a "broken" sharing system online and fixing it with a series of projects, each of them with a "+" in the title. All of this begins with the very recently rounded-up Circles legend yours truly spoke about on SlashGear. Behold the round futuristic landscape!

Motorola Atrix 4G Receives AT&T Mobile Minute Treatment [Video]

Our good pal Daniel is back to present the world with another "Mobile Minute" courtesy of the AT&T Social Media Team. This method for showing off Android smartphones was last used on the similar, but not the same, HTC Inspire 4G. In this video series the main fellow Daniel takes exactly 60 seconds to explain the phone at hand, making it extremely simple for basically anyone to understand what makes the phone great and worth buying. Daniel, you want a job at Android Community?

Posterous Micro Blogging Service Introduces Android App

If blogging is the "new thing," then Tumblr and Posterous is the new blogging. Posterous is a micro-blogging service that allows users to post their thoughts in longer blurbs than twitter, but shorter than would appear on a full blog. Users of Posterous now can update their site with the newly announced Android app.

OpenFeint comes to Android, Games being released this week.

Announced back in July, OpenFeint - the popular networking structure allowing developers to add achievements, leaderboards, and in-game currency - is coming to Android this week. Android users have been looking for a universal way to not only connect them to their friends and play mobile games, but also participate in random matches and gain achievements.
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