Bring apps and your friends together on Vurb, now on Android

When you’re planning a long-awaited night out with friends you rarely see and only communicate with digitally, there is a lot of planning, back and forth, Googling, researching, and finally laying down final plans/inviting involved. One app that says they can bring all of those tasks under just one app roof is called Vurb, and finally, it is now available for Android users as well. It also comes with brand new features to make it even easier and more necessary for you.

140-character limit on Twitter DM is now officially gone

Last June, Twitter announced that they are removing the 140-character limit on Direct Messages as part of their continuing improvement to that private aspect of the micro-blogging network. Initially, this was supposed to have materialized last month, but for one reason or another, it never did push through. But now, they have officially announced that the character limit has indeed been removed so now you can have long conversations with your friends or even just people you met over Twitter.

Medium full version app now out on Android

For bloggers and readers who were pretty excited about having the long-form blog Medium available on their Android devices, the wait is over. Just mere weeks after they were calling for testers for the beta version, the developers have now announced that the full version is available for everyone that has a smartphone or tablet running on Android. They have finally "released it into the wild" after extensive beta testing and is now ready to be consumed by those eager to post their stories or to read about other people's words.

Addappt for Android updated, full group support added

Addappt for Android just received a big update from its developers. It's said to be the biggest release yet so we can expect major changes and new features from this version. One notable improvement is the full group support. It's something that Android Lollipop users have been missing. You see, such support is important for anyone who wants to connect and be part of a social group.

Medium calls for testers for its Android beta app

While most people tend to gravitate towards micro-blogging or even just reading the "listicle" Buzzfeed type of articles, there are still people who prefer consuming long-form content and writing them as well. That's where apps and services like Medium come in, where aspiring writers and people who love to read those aspiring writers' words intersect. And now, they are calling on early adapters and Medium fans to help get their app off the ground by testing the Android beta version.

Facebook intros new way to send map, location pin in Messenger

Sending one's location in Facebook Messenger is easy. But honestly, it can be annoying at times because more often than not, I would be pressing the send location button accidentally during a conversation. My fault for being careless but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only with the same problem. Facebook wants to provide the best mobile experience for everyone so it regularly updates both the main app and Messenger. Recently, Facebook Lite was launched for low-end Android devices in Asia.

AppHunt helps you discover new and trending apps

Finding apps should be easy but it's not the always the case in Google Play Store Well, Google is already working on improving app discovery by adding more tools and adding the family star icon for parents of your children. For those who like reviews and ratings first before downloading an app, AppHunt is for you. The app is a collection of curated list of apps. It's updated in real time, showing apps that have been selected and voted as the best by an online community of Android users.

Glose brings the social game to your ebook reading experience

There are a number of ebook readers ready for download for your Android device but only a few offer a "social" feature. With the hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of of ebooks available today, it can be more fun to read if you can share and have access to a large library of free ebooks from the greatest authors from all parts of the world.

HTC updates Zoe, adds Chromecast support and Clip Sequence UI

We honestly believe that HTC is developing a game plan and has already set goals for monetization to increase sales after last month's revenue went down by 40%. While it is too early, the Taiwanese company is doing everything to bring in more money by releasing both exclusive and non-exclusive HTC apps. HTC hopes to generate revenues with sponsored apps. It's one of the major goals so don't be surprised if the company starts launching a slew of new apps at a fast rate or updating the ones already on the Google Play Store.

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