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Twitter shakeups: 140 character limit in DM gone, CEO steps down

Have you ever had a really intense discussion with someone on Twitter through DM, but the flow keeps getting interrupted since you are still limited to 140 characters per message? Well, aside from moving your conversation elsewhere, you had no choice back then, but come July, you'll finally be able to send someone a really, really long private message on the micro-blogging network. Meanwhile, after much pressure from investors, Dick Costolo has stepped down as CEO.

Turn your selfies into GIFs with new Path app called Kong

Path may not be the most popular micro-blogging or messaging app out there, but it does have a loyal userbase who prefer to have a more "intimate" (and by that we mean small) network. Now they're branching out into another market, hopefully capturing the ones who like taking selfies (which may be more than half of mobile users nowadays) and the ones who love making their own GIFs to send their friends. Are you ready to welcome Kong to your social network?

LinkedIn Elevate helps makes your company even more social

If your company has a lot of employees active or even just present on LinkedIn, it is actually an opportunity for you to connect with various networks and also to elevate your company's standing, particularly if you're in the marketing and communications industry. But even if you're not, in this age where social means a whole lot, it is important that even your company has to be, well, social. A new product from LinkedIn helps you with that, in terms of curation, sharing and measuring the impact of these shared posts.

Facebook now lets you make digital scrapbooks of your kid’s pictures

Parents, especially new ones, can always be found sharing photos of their child or children on social networks. Some even give monthly or weekly photo updates to show off how cute their progeny are, especially to relatives or loved ones that are far away and can only see the kids online. But sometimes, the photos are digitally scattered so it's hard to keep track of them. The largest network of them all. Facebook, is now giving you a much more organized way of sharing your children's photos with their new Scrapbook feature.

Hootsuite update: Material Design (of course), better syncing

For social media managers who take care of multiple accounts, an app like Hoosuite is definitely a god-send. Every update is something to look forward to as it helps take care of your Twitter, Facebook Pages, and other social networks and help you to not go crazy. This latest one is major in terms of design and user interface, adapting the visual guidelines that most Android apps have been using, and making it easier to sync your content wherever you are.

Facebook Legacy Contact gives options for social network afterlife

No one wants to really admit thinking about it, but we have to accept the fact that we do wonder what will become with our social media accounts when we suddenly pass away. It's a reality that we have to face, especially now that these social networks have become as natural to us as eating. The largest social network of them all, Facebook, has now introduced the Legacy Contact feature, which gives us the option to choose who will be our "emergency contact" to manage your account when you die.

Yarn is a Material Design-infused Hacker News client

First up, we all got to learn what Hacker News is – that is, it is a news website that has social elements (a bit like Reddit) and usually caters to computer programmers, app developers, self-confessed hackers and information tech entrepreneurs. As the readership of this social network, quite inevitably a client like this new Yarn app will be created.

DeviantArt rebrands, finally launches mobile app

DeviantArt has long been known as one of the most popular and vibrant social networks for artists and creative people. In fact, it's considered the 9th biggest social network in the US, with an average of 2.5 billion monthly pageviews. However, for some reason, they seemed to be holding out when it comes to having a mobile app, despite optimizing their website for smaller screens. But now, they are set to launch a mobile app and rebrand their look as well.

Status automatically lets your friends know what you’re doing

If you don't want to flood your friends' Facebook or Twitter timelines with inconsequential updates like "at home" or "driving" or "out of town" but you would actually like them to know it, then there's a separate app for that. Status - auto status updates somewhat simplifies the process and does that for you.
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