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Google+ Opens to the public, Hangouts and mobile app get huge updates

Time to start hitting that +1 button and throwing people into your circles over on Google+. Today Google just announced a HUGE update that their new social network Google+ is finally available to all and open to the public. No longer will users need an invite to join in on the fun I've been experiencing for months. Facebook should be worried right about now because I don't think I've signed in for about 2 months thanks to Google+.

Google+ Android App Updated: Improves Notifications, Reshare, Adds 38 languages

Google has just pushed out yet another update for the popular Google+ Android application with some much needed improvements. The list is quite large and a good start indeed but the last update aimed to fix notifications but those are still a bit buggy for me. One of the biggest improvements I see right away is the +mentions now autofill from your Circles. Something that worked great online but was not as easy on the mobile application.

LinkedIn Android app gets HTML5 update

One of the places that I tend to have more contact with co-workers and other professional types is on LinkedIn. Most of the requests I get are from people that I don’t know. On occasion, I have found work and cool gear to play with via LinkedIn so it can be useful for professionals. If you have a LinkedIn profile and want to be able to access, it on the road the Android app has been around for a while now.

Games for Google+: Angry Birds and more coming soon

Whoa, out of no where today Google has just announced Games for Google+ and already the first to tip the chart is the all mighty Angry Birds. This is one of the next big steps for Google to integrate another level of socialization into Google+ to better compete with the likes of Facebook. From Angry Birds, Decks of Cards, Diamand Dash and more. These will all be available soon for Google+.

More Google+ Updates Coming This Weekend

More Google+ news has just hit the Stream over in + land for those that are having fun with us on the new social network. Over the next few days and this weekend Google plans to make a few things clear. They will be adding tips and helpful notifications to show users how to show and share others posts, and that should be live any time now.

Google+ Widget Included with Google+ App, Pretty Sweet

It's becoming quite clear that the folks who designed the user interface for Google+ are quite brilliant. One of those people was Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original designers of the first Mac, so I'd hope so. One of the lesser-realized elements in the mobile app portion of the Google+ is the widget, a rather simple and super lovely looking 1x4 widget that sits on your desktop and gives you direct access to a share screen, your camera, your gallery for sharing already taken photos, or straight up entry into the Google+ application.

Get Your Google+ Invite from AndroidCommunity!

Google just launched their new social networking plan and they are calling it Google+. With the million of Android owners and Gmail users and the rest of the population using some sort of product of Google, they seem to be in a good spot right about now. Google has already developed a great mobile application for Android and an iOS version is on the way, then the rest is done all via the web. Get your Google+ invite and start sharing thoughts or pictures with all your friends and family just like on any other platform. For now Invitations are closed and the program is in Beta, but once they start allowing invites again we'll take care of you.

Google+ Mobile App Hands-On and Review [BETA]

What we've got going here is the official Google+ app, made public yesterday along with Beta invites to the program, us here on Android Community amongst the lucky to have been granted access to the program because we just love sharing everything we know about Android with the whole community. Know what I'm saying? Therefor let's have a look: an app which opens up to a screen of five shortcuts to functionality beyond our wildest social dreams. This screen has the ability to be pulled up or down, this leading us to believe that there's much more to come in the near future. Let's dive in!

Viewdle SocialCamera auto-tags friends for easy Facebooking [Video]

Social networking integration is one of those elements that pushes Android ahead of the pack when it comes to smartphones, and Viewdle reckons it can make things even better with its new app, SocialCamera. A free photo app, SocialCamera allows you to instantly share images with Facebook, Twitter and other networks, using a carousel of shortcuts. It's actually the auto-tagging which is more interesting, however. After you've given SocialCamera an initial lesson as to who your friends are, subsequent shots are auto-tagged with their identity. The video below explains it more thoroughly, or you can just download and try it yourself. Viewdle SocialCamera is a free download from the Android Market. [vimeo][/vimeo] [gallery] [via TechCrunch]
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