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Facebook launches Safety Check feature in times of disasters

Every time we tell ourselves that we're getting sick and tired of Facebook and all the frivolous things about it and social media, they go and do things that make us think there still might be hope for them (and us!). One new feature that they announced today is crucial during times of natural calamities and other disasters. Safety Check is a way to let your loved ones know you're safe and also to check on your family and friends who are in affected areas.

LINE now lets you send and receive “hidden chat”

Messaging app LINE has now also joined the ephemeral message bandwagon as it released the “hidden chat” function in its latest update. The feature now lets users send and receive messages that will be displayed in a hidden chat, for a set limited amount of time only and once the messages have been viewed, it will be deleted not just from the app but as well as from the LINE server.

Path comes up with new messaging app called Talk

The social networking platform Path has been relatively quiet this year, nary releasing a major update to change up its patented approach to “quick” social networking. That all changed today as the guys behind path unveiled what it has been working on during that span of “quiet time” – a standalone messaging app aptly (if not unimaginatively) called “Talk”.

Tumblr Android app updated, takes advantage of new search features

Tumblr has seen an update, and it’s oddly simple — but brilliant. This time around, we’ll get the ability to search for multiple tags or topics at once, and return different results when we use the hashtagging feature. This has been around for a few months, but is only recently available for Android.

ScoreLoop encourages iOS defection to Android

Social gaming network ScoreLoop is trying to tempt iOS game developers to join the wave and port all their games over to the Android platform. As part of their "Go Android" campaign, ScoreLoop is offering to help iOS gaming developers by providing support free of charge to any developers who wish to port their games over. In addition, ScoreLoop will also provide social gaming tools to make the transition smoother. ScoreLoop also offers features such as Leaderboards, Social challenges, Virtual Currency, and even Friend finding.

Android Community Total Revamp Coming Soon!

If you thought this site was great before, wait until you see the big fat changes we've got coming your way in the very near future! We're getting extra pumped up for Mobile World Congress 2011, and that's smack dab in the middle of next month, so our new and improved total Android immersion update will be coming very soon! What will it consist of?

Google Nexus One Heading to Sprint

It's official, Sprint just announced via a press release that the Nexus One will be available on their network soon. Google just released an AT&T and Rogers compatible Nexus One the other day and now Sprint is joining them at the table with their own Nexus. All while the Verizon version has yet to be announced officially.