Snapchat update: travel mode to save data, placeable emojis

Data saving seems to be the name of the game among apps, specifically messaging apps, with Facebook and WhatsApp just some of the recent ones that are offering versions of their apps that will not eat up your precious mobile data. Another app to join this “helpful” trend is Snapchat, with the latest update offering a “travel mode” for those who want to save up on data even when using the app. Plus, the update also brings a new way of using emojis on your snaps.

Snapchat update: tap to view, snapcodes with picture, two-step authentication

If you're a Snapchat user for the longest time, you've probably had calluses grow on your finger if you view a lot of snaps and stories on the app. That's because, for those who don't know, you have to hold a finger down in order to view them. That's okay if it's just a single picture. But if you're watching a 30 second video, it gets kind of annoying. A new update to the ephemeral messaging app now allows you to just tap to view, and brings other features as well.

Seamless switching from front to rear cam now on Snapchat

Have you ever been taking a video of yourself (selfie-style of course) when you suddenly wanted to switch to the main camera, but had to turn your camera around instead of just seamlessly switching to it? Well, if the video you're taking is for Snapchat (don't worry, we won't ask what video it is), then the latest update to the ephemeral app allows you to do just that. The update also brings a few minor updates, which may still be useful for some users.

Snapchat updates its Discover platform for the first time

Since it launched a few months back in January, Snapchat's Discovery section has gotten positive engagement, particularly during the beginning. But recent reports have been saying interest has dropped off since then, which means maybe it's time for an update. The ephemeral messaging app seems to think so too, and their first ever update to their news platform gives users more options on how to share the content they like to people they know.

Snapchat lets you use emojis to show relationships with contacts

Snapchat's much-hated "Best Friends" feature is finally, totally (hopefully) gone. But instead, they have replaced it with (maybe) a more fun way of visually showing your relationship with your contacts. The update to the app also brings with it a special low-light camera mode, and a new way of categorizing contacts that you haven't been paying attention to or those that you've been neglecting lately. The photo sharing app is trying to regain some of the users it has lost to new ephemeral apps that have sprung up in the wake of its popularity.

Snapchat users experience heavy data usage, battery drain from app

Usually, people complain about privacy issues when it comes to picture sharing app Snapchat. But the latest issue to plague users has nothing to do with pictures being leaked or anything like that, but more on how the latest update to the app has been burning through the background and draining the battery of mobile devices. This is probably due to the latest feature that they have introduced to users which is running in the background even when you're not using the app.

Snapchat’s Discover lets media publishers enter their ephemereal world

Messaging apps are continually evolving into more than just ways to exchange messages or even pictures. With so many out there like LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, etc, competitors are pulling out all the stops to become the app of choice. SnapChat has a following all its own, with the ephemeral nature of the pictures exchanged. Now they're branching out into publishing as they introduce a new feature called Discover, where media companies can now also enter their realm with pictures, videos, and stories.

Snapchat now has geofilters for special locations

Snapchat may be the pioneer in ephemeral apps, but since its heyday, there have been a lot of similar and copycat apps that have made its way into the market. So the developers over there are continuing to enhance their photo service, and this time around, they’ve made public the geofilters that users can apply to their photos before sending.

Content is king: social media apps update picture and video features

Social media is an ever-changing animal that brings about new trends, wants and needs everyday. Trends are not dictated by brands or social media entities, but by the users themselves. And while the adage that “content is king” still holds true for the most part, it is not content that can just be read: it lives, moves and breathes. In other words, pictures and videos are the content that rule the social media stratosphere as of this moment. The new updates on social media apps testify to this as well.
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