NASA asking people to design smartwatch app for astronauts 

With renewed interest in space activities due to the drive-by near Pluto and all sorts of meteor showers, moon-related activities, and all, NASA is looking once again to involve the public, specifically the more tech-inclined people. They posted on a contest and challenge for people to design a smartwatch app that astronauts can use while in space. And it’s not just a matter of getting your design picked. You even get cash reward if you do win the competition.

The Blue Screen of Death can be on your smartwatch (sort of)

For all of you who have used Windows at the beginning of your digital lives, nothing evokes more fear and trembling than the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Countless horror stories of lost thesis papers, unsaved work documents, and damaged computers are due to this common but painful occurrence. Windows may have put this far away in their checkered past, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can have it on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Huawei Watch apparently just “round the corner”

The clock has been ticking now for almost 6 months ever since Huawei announced its first Android Wear smartwatch back in March during the Mobile World Congress. But since then, we haven’t seen any indication as to when the round-faced will actually come out in the market and also how much it will retail for. However, it looks like it might be coming soon as a sign-up page has been announced on their website, although it is just for people who are interested in updates about their first wearable.

Microsoft releases new productivity tools for Android Wear

Microsoft, fresh off the success of their Windows 10 launch, isn’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to their products in other platforms. They’ve announced a whole slew of productivity product updates, this time specifically for wearable and smartwatches, including some for smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform. This includes OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Translator, all of which now have apps and features created especially for that gadget on your wrist.

Helvetica 1 Mondaine smartwatch now listed for pre-order

The era of smartwatches has finally begun. Development may be a bit slow but this year, we've seen more and more companies joining the bandwagon. It's not just phone makers and electronics manufacturers coming up with their own models. Even the top watch brands are getting into the game. Tag Heuer already announced a luxury smartwatch which will come with a hefty price tag later this year. Casio also decided to enter the smartwatch market early next year. We're guessing more watch makers will also decide to join the market before smartwatches become very common.

Alcatel offers special back-to-school phone + watch bundle for students

A few more weeks and summer will be over. That means only one thing for the students: it's back to school again. And since any student needs new stuff for school, Alcatel is offering a great deal. Alcatel has just listed on its website a special bundle that includes the OneTouch Idol 3 and a watch for only $299.99. Save as much as $100 on this deal if you buy this directly from Alcatel.

Half-Life spotted running on Android Wear

Now we know it is possible, because someone has actually published a video of an Android Wear smartwatch running the 1998 vintage classic shooting game “Half-Life”. It’s not quite Half-Life 3 yet, but it’s definitely something. You would ask “why?”, but there is no answer to that. People just go ahead and do stuff, they don’t need any other reason to be awesome.

Pebble Time updates Android firmware, coming soon for older models

Since Pebble Time devices have now reached some of its intended users, specifically those who supported its Kickstarter campaign, it’s now time to upgrade its firmware for those using the wearable on an Android platform. A lot of the changes that they’ve made are based on user feedback and suggestions, and on their official site, they even put some of the exact tweets that have inspired the developers to make on the firmware.
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