Marshall releases music-centric London smartphone

Smartphones have become more than just devices that we use to call and text. Most of us probably also use it as a music player, among other things. But didn’t you ever wish that the sound quality when playing your favorite jams would be so much better? Marshall, one of the world leaders in headphones and amplifiers, most likely heard your wish, as they are releasing their first ever smartphone which will focus more on the device’s sound capabilities.

OnePlus 2 enhances invite-only system, physical cards to be given away

In less than two weeks, the whole world will see a glimpse of the new OnePlus 2 in a virtual reality event. Well, at least, those people who are getting the OnePlus Cardboard and are willing to sit and wear a pair of VR device for a few minutes. We've been anticipating for the next-gen OnePlus and we're curious to know if this will indeed be that awesome smartphone the OnePlus team has been boasting about. Ever since their reaction about the early criticisms, we can't wait to find out if this will really live up to our expectations and as hyped up.

Top 10 smartphones of the first half of 2015 from AnTuTu

Looking back to Q1 of 2015 and AnTuTu’s revelation of which smartphones reigned their benchmarking databases for the early part of the year, we see Samsung’s dynamic duo – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge – dominating those rankings, with HTC’s One M9 not so far back at third spot. The China-based benchmarking outfit has now released its data for the first half of the year, crowning 10 smartphones as top of the pile – at least, the ones that have been benchmarked by their app.

Latest version of Snapdragon 810 used in HTC One M9

There's so much to say about the issues the HTC One M9 is facing. HTC's latest flagship has been under fire for a charging issue which we thought was Google Photos fault at first but it's not. When it first came out, there was also a camera issue which was quickly resolved after an update. And because of that, HTC believes that it can beat the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 as the company recently proven in a series of tests.

Commodore is back! No wait, false alarm…

Commodore is back! If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s the brand that started the personal computer revolution back in the 80’s. The most popular computer back then was the Commodore 64 and the company was proud to have shipped thousands of units everyday. Business was good, what with the company selling almost 17 million units and was once named as the biggest selling computer ever by Guinness. But fate was not as kind to Commodore and so in 1994, the company faced bankruptcy.

OnePlus 2’s camera reviewed, will have a 13MP sensor with f/2.0 lens

We don't know how YouTuber Marques Brownlee managed to get a OnePlus 2 but he shared some sample photos taken using the yet-to-be-announced smartphone from OnePlus. (Well, of course, OnePlus sent him a unit). He even published an initial video review on YouTube and showcased the phone although it wasn't clearly shown. You'll only see the blurred phone and several images being compared. Brownlee said he was only tasked to review the phone. He's not promoting it in any way but was just testing this new camera.

OPPO outs Mirror 5 with diamond-like mirrored surface

OPPO has finally and officially announced the Mirror 5. We've been anticipating for this one since it was sighted last month. We featured a crystal-backed Mirror 5s earlier this month but we're assuming this Mirror 5 is a different unit. This OPPO Mirror 5 is expected to be available in the market very soon specifically in Mexico, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.