Another Samsung Galaxy S6 sketch comes out, shows dimensions

Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, is rumored to be coming out from under its covers at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona roughly a month from now. And from today until that time, we expect a torrent of leaks, fake leaks, great leaks and all other kinds of leaks in between about the Galaxy S6 to make its way to the public eye. These images are just an example – two sketches out of Korea purportedly of Samsung’s new baby.

Android 5 vs iOS 8 part 1: The Showdown

We all love Android here, right? Right? But let's face it. Even if we have a soft spot for the little green guy, we could be considered blind fools if we believed that Android were 100% perfect. A minor nitpick here, a pet peeve there, Android doesn't have all the answers. Sometimes, it gets the answers wrong. And sometimes, the ones with the right answers are its competitors. Here we take another look at the eternal rivalry between Android and iOS, but with a slightly different twist. This time we try to see some of the things that iOS, particularly iOS 8, may have gotten right.

OPPO’s ultra-slim R5 arrives for pre-order at Amazon UK

Those of you in the UK who are intrigued by the new OPPO R5 smartphone can now get a little hyped-up, like, right now. Amazon UK has finally made the ultra-thin handset, along with the OPPO VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank, available for pre-orders to the public, with deliveries set to begin February 20 of this year. Just with the ultra-slim form factor, you can tell a lot of people will be thinking about getting this phone.

Google Android One devices to launch in Indonesia Packing Android 5.1

Google has been hawking Android One devices in some areas of the world for a while now with mixed success. Android One is the name for an entire series of low cost smartphones powered by the Android operating system. Android One devices are aimed at folks who want a smartphone but can’t spend hundreds of dollars on one.

Verizon tipped to chop $10 off most data plans this week

A rumor that is said to be from a reliable source is making its rounds having to do with Verizon. According to the rumor, Verizon is set to make some significant discounts in price to its data plans on Thursday, February 5. The source of the rumors claim that the $10 discount will come to most of the data plans that the company offers.

Last chance to get the OnePlus One “Flagship Killer” [DEALS]

Remember the OnePlus One? You most likely can't forget it, if not for the tons of news and sometimes controversy surrounding it, then for its sweet features and the equally sweet price tag. The invite-only system, however, is pretty much the proverbial wart on the OnePlus One's face. But now you may have your once in a lifetime chance at grabbing the smartphone and for free! But better hurry though because our OnePlus One Giveaway ends today!

OnePlus Oxygen UI leaked, Lollipop ROM teased

OnePlus seems to be picking up the pace to put its device back on track after the ugly mess it was involved with in India. Cyanogen Inc just recently tweeted that it was quite ready with a Lollipop build for the OnePlus One and based on a video from OnePlus itself, an Android 5.0 ROM is indeed ready. Whether it comes from Cyanogen or OnePlus directly, we don't know yet. What we do know, however, thanks to a leak, is that Oxygen OS will be colorfully flat.