Fairphone 2 is the modular phone you can get at sooner than Ara

What if you wanted to get your hands on a modular phone in a relatively shorter amount of time, rather than wait for Google’s Project Ara? Google did show a working prototype of its own modular smartphone project at Google I/O 2015, but the reality of the product going to market is still a ways off. Not so with the Fairphone 2. Not only is it modular (after a fashion), not only is it committed to non-“conflict” minerals, but you can actually get your hands on it soon.

Kodak IM5 now available for sale in Netherlands

Kodak, which has of course made its mark in photography for the past decades, announced back in January at the CES that they will be releasing their first smartphone, the Kodak IM5, soon thereafter. However, that has come true five months after launch, and it is currently available only in the Netherlands, and not in the UK as was previously expected. Will consumers trust this brand enough as it makes its foray into mobile digital products?

Verizon to release Sony Xperia Z4v in the US

Sony has been criticized for releasing a new flagship that wasn't really much of an upgrade from their previous one, the Xperia Z3, forcing them to release it as the Xperia Z3+ in the international market, rather than the Xperia Z4 that was announced in Japan. Now you can add another new confusing device to the mix. Verizon has just announced that they will be the sole distributor of the Sony Xperia Z4v in the US.

Some toggles on Galaxy S6, S6 edge missing after Android 5.1.1 update

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are considered as two super smartphones these days, earning positive feedbacks and good reviews left and right. However, these phones are not perfect and are still prone to bugs and errors. Apparently, some Galaxy S6/S6 edge owners have reported experiencing some errors like the notification toggles disappearing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 hybrid camera phone out in the US

The Lumix DMC-CM1 was announced at Photokina 2014, around September last year, and it surely turned a lot of heads. It’s a hybrid camera and phone – not what you’re thinking, because yes, we do admit that every high-end Android smartphone is essentially a hybrid. Panasonic's Lumix DMC-CM1 is more camera than phone – the camera part is not an afterthought.