Boost Mobile intros new ZTE Warp Elite

ZTE USA has recently announced the arrival of the Warp Elite handset in the country via Boost Mobile. The new smartphone under ZTE's Warp series can now be purchased online for only $179.99. If you're looking for a not so pricey phone yet still have good specs, consider the Warp Elite because it offers a large vivid display, impressive cameras, and a sleek design that doesn't compromise on style.

New HTC flagship to be called the HTC O2, SD820 inside

There have been worrying signs for HTC regarding the sales of their current flagship, the HTC One M9 – mainly, they’re not selling a lot of it. There’s just not enough interest generated for the flagship phone that they released early in the year, and that’s cause for concern financially for the Taiwan-based outfit. This is why rumors of a new, redesigned flagship from HTC came out, possibly to be announced this October, and now they say it will be named the HTC O2.

Speed Test: LG G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Brutal drop tests are welcome even if they are heart-breaking to watch because we can still learn a thing or two from them. For those Android fans who are only interested in how fast new smartphones are compared to others, rely on speed tests. As for the Galaxy Note 5, the new premium flagship smartphone was recently compared with the LG G4.

New software update for Galaxy S6, S6 edge brings S6 edge+ features

The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5's launch got the Samsung fans asking if the new features of the two new flagship phones will also be available on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. We never doubted about the possibility and we knew it was just a matter of time before Samsung makes the features available on the two older devices.

Project Ara’s module magnets failed drop test, new alternative soon

In technology, an idea is only as good as the execution – and in Project Ara’s case, we were ready to accept Google’s idea that “electropermanent magnets” will hold the modules of the concept modular phone together. Today, it seems that the execution part for these clever magnets have failed the dreaded drop test, and Google is looking for another way to keep its modular phone together – in literal and metaphorical senses too.

Markets where Galaxy Note 5 will be released leaked

While a lot of Android and Samsung fans were generally excited when the Korean OEM announced their brand new phablets last week, there was also a certain amount of disappointment when it was known that one of them, the Galaxy Note 5 will not be getting a worldwide release. They reportedly decided to concentrate on markets where the Note series has been selling well. Samsung hasn’t released an official statement, but SAM Mobile has compiled an unofficial (but they claim to be sure) list.

Display Technology Shoot-Out: Galaxy Note 5

Last week's grand reveal of the new premium phone tablets from Samsung got us talking about them. The mere fact that the new devices are from Samsung, one of the top smartphones brands all over the world, is enough to convince us they are great. Since last week, we've learned more details about the two including their availability from mobile carriers, accessories, and its wireless charging technology. We did a hands-one feature already but we're still curious as to how the smartphones fare against the numerous competition.

Note 5 hands-on videos showcase the new S-Pen, sleek design, and advanced camera

After the Galaxy S6 edge+ hands-on videos, here are two videos published by Samsung to give us a preview of what the new Galaxy Note 5 can do. This mobile device has been built to help us do more, made possible by the newly redesigned S-Pen that can now be ejected from under the phone. It features a new Air Command feature on the interface allows you to add apps for easier and quicker access. You can even delete or reposition those apps to either left or right side of the screen.