iFixit goes official with Android Repair hub

Geeks always turn to iFixit to know more about their gadgets. We always look forward to iFixit posts because they can be pretty helpful. The website shares practical tips for fixing things and more. Good news for iFixit followers, most of us Android users, as iFixit now has its very own Android portal. This special area features everything about fixing and repairing your Android gadgets from smartphones to tablets, wearables, as well as, TV and Video.

Lenovo Vibe X3, S1, P1, and P1 Pro pics and specs leak ahead of MWC

Some images and specifications for a slew of new smartphones from Lenovo have hit the web this week. All of the devices are tipped to get official at MWC next month. The new smartphones include the Lenovo Vibe X3, S1, P1, and P1 Pro. All of the phones appear to be made of metal rather than the cheap plastic casings previous Lenovo smartphones have used.

Motorola responds to veiled criticism from Apple’s Jonny Ive

While Apple's lead designer, Sir Jonathan Ive, did not exactly say the brand's name in a recent interview, Motorola felt like they had to respond, because he was obviously talking about them. Motorola President Rick Osterloh said their company just has a "different philosophy" while also managing to take a few potshots at Apple and their "outrageous" prices.

Sony to no longer pursue sales growth in smartphone, TV business

While Sony surprised even themselves with a recent financial report that showed they actually earned a profit, the shrinking sales in both their smartphone and TV business has led CEO Kazuo Hirai to almost admit defeat in those two sectors. He has recently said the company will no longer pursue sales growth in those areas and will instead focus on products that are actually bringing them profit, which includes the Playstation and camera sensors for mobile devices.

ASUS rolls out new Fonepad 7 with Android Lollipop

ASUS recently introduced a new Fonepad 7. The phablet with model number FE375CL runs Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box so this means no need to upgrade from KitKat. This year's FonePad 7 is the first Lollipop-powered device from the Taiwanese manufacturer. This version looks very similar to the previous model but of course, specs have been improved. There's the 7-inch LED Backlight WXGA IPS screen panel, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, 1.3 GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3530 processor, a 5 megapixel rear camera, and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

New HTC One to be unveiled March 1

Let them stare. That's what HTC just told us through a teaser recently posted on Twitter. The new HTC One, possibly the HTC One M9, will finally be revealed on March 1, 2015, Sunday. We're expecting an announcement at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This is good news for those HTC fans who've been waiting for the new flagship phone. The past weeks, we've been hearing rumors and leaks only but at least we now know that there is a new HTC One being prepped.

HTC drops the parentheses, next flagship will be the One M9

From HTC One (M7) to HTC One (M8) to HTC One M9, notice anything different? Yep, no more parentheses on the next flagship. It still is a rumor but I don't think there's any problem with HTC removing the extra symbols. HTC One M9 seems simpler. A website was spotted with the HTC One M9 reference which actually seems legit and nothing photoshopped. The page has since been taken down though. (And seriously, what's with the parentheses anyway?)
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