Android One now available in Myanmar under Cherry Mobile

When you think of connectivity in the Asia Pacific region, you don't automatically think of Myanmar. In fact, it was just a few years ago that they started opening up to the world once again after decades of becoming a "hermit". So you could call them a slowly waking and emerging market, in terms of communication. That makes them a prime candidate for Google to release their Android One mobile device, joining 7 other countries that are already carrying the standard, emerging market smartphone.

Yet another fake Samsung Galaxy S6 purchased off Craigslist

Before buying an item off Craigslist or any other website, I suggest you check Reddit first. You may never know what you will read that will serve as a warning. Redditor guitar_guy25 shared his recent experience of being deceived and buying a fake Samsung Galaxy S6 from Craigslist. The incident is something that could have been avoided because it has already happened to someone in the past. Remember that man who got a nicely crafted fake for less than $500? That was really unfortunate. Heartbreaking because that's still his heard-earned money.

OnePlus 2 will feature speedy USB Type C port

OnePlus continues with its part-by-part reveal of its upcoming flagship phone, building up to the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 sometime soon. They recently revealed that the new flagship will indeed be carrying the embattled Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, something that has caused them a bit of irritation. Today they reveal that the new smartphone will be sporting the backward-compatible but much speedier USB Type-C port as its main data connection and charging option.

New Samsung ad says Galaxy S6 edge brings the new kind of selfie

While we have to accept the fact that we really can't get away from the word selfie, at least, we are now witnessing the evolution of what it is. Nowadays, they don't mean just women making duck faces or men taking pictures of themselves after a gym workout. Thanks to an Ellen-led Oscars stunt a few years ago, people are now trying to cram as many faces as possible into one tiny screen. Samsung says it has the solution to this kind of problem with its Galaxy S6 edge.
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