Micromax YU rolls out new Yu Yureka Plus, an Amazon India exclusize

If you’re not familiar with YU, it’s a brand under Micromax. And who is Micromax again you ask? It’s the company that Cyanogen partnered with instead of OnePlus which resulted to a number of issues and temporary injunctions. Amidst all these, Micromax still was able to unveil a YUreka Cynagon smartphone in India last December. A few months after, we heard a follow up phone dubbed the “Project Caesar” would be revealed.

Huawei Honor 7 coming to Europe very soon

The month of June ended with Huawei launching the Honor 7. The company's latest flagship phone were quickly sold out. Within 12 hours, the Chinese manufacturer received two million pre-orders. That's about 200,000 units per hour and 9 million after one week. It's such an impressive milestone by Huawei and so the next question a lot of people are asking now is if the phone's coming to Europe. You guessed it right. The answer is a big 'Yes'.

Android Community Weekly Digest: July 19, 2015

It's not even September yet and our week was already filled with smartphone goodies, both of the real kind and the theoretical ones as well. From ZTE's surprise high-end Axon, to HTC's fleet of Desire budget smartphones, to Samsung's almost high-end Galaxy A8 in China, we have lots of new smartphones to fill our minds. And let us not forget the whispers of smartphones yet to come. This is your latest edition of Android Community's Weekly Digest, covering the period from July 13 to 19, 2015.

Google shares Q2 2015 financial results, mobile sector going strong

Google recently released its financial report for the 2nd quarter of the year. Highlights include an 11% revenue growth year over year, $17.7 billion revenue, and cash flow of $7.0 billion during the past quarter. The search giant saw a constant currency revenue growth of 18% year over year, thanks to the strong performance of programmatic advertising and Youtube.

Fairphone 2 is one sturdy phone yet easy to repair

Fairphone is not exactly a popular name in the Android market but the startup has just introduced what could be an Ara killer. The latter is not yet available in the market but the Fairphone 2 is another modular phone that can be availed in Europe even before the Ara. The Project ARA is promising but it might be a while before it's released in the market.

Marshall releases music-centric London smartphone

Smartphones have become more than just devices that we use to call and text. Most of us probably also use it as a music player, among other things. But didn’t you ever wish that the sound quality when playing your favorite jams would be so much better? Marshall, one of the world leaders in headphones and amplifiers, most likely heard your wish, as they are releasing their first ever smartphone which will focus more on the device’s sound capabilities.
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