Average attention span of humans dropped from 12 to 8 seconds

The image above of a man missing out the giant whale because he's glued to his smartphone is a perfect example that some humans prefer tapping and watching on their screens than just enjoying the real thing. Of course, there could be plenty of explanation for this. Maybe he got an emergency call or an important email he really needs to reply to. But still, this image is very ironic and I think it will only get worse as technology progresses.

Sony India to launch a new smartphone, probably the Xperia Z4

Sony India has sent out invites to their local media for a May 26 event where they are set to launch a new smartphone in their region. But as to which smartphone it will be is still up for speculation. But based on the look of the official invite to the press conference, it might have something to do with the device's water resistance, so speculation is rife that it will be the Xperia M4 Aqua, which had its official announcement at the MWC earlier this year.

How to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

Fake gadgets are nothing new. China may be an emerging market but it's the main source of replicas, clones, fakes, and copycats. And with all the improvement in technology, it's much easier to copy ideas and designs these days. Sad to say, there is a "fake industry" that's annoying yet business is booming in the underground. You may remember that Redditor who bought a nicely-crafted fake Samsung Galaxy S6 for less than $500. It was really heartbreaking but we knew he wasn't the only one and he wouldn't be the last to share his experience about getting a phone clone.

AT&T to launch LG Escape2, mid-range 4G LTE phone

From time to time, the AT&T website throws up a surprise or two, giving us handsets and devices that were previously unannounced, not even anticipated. These are usually devices that are either renamed or partnership projects between the manufacturer and the carrier. This might be the case with the new LG Escape2, a mid-range smartphone that offers 4G (LTE) connectivity at a more affordable price point.

Samsung to launch new colors for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge

A lot of people may be looking forward to buying (or have already bought) the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge because of its well-hyped new features, but some may not be too crazy about the standard colors available, like the White Pearl, the Black Sapphire, and the Gold Platinum. While you can of course get more colorful casings and stuff, nothing beats the default color. Now the Korean OEM has come up with a little bit more choices for those who are looking for a bit of color. Consumers looking for their new smartphones now have choice to get the Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz, or the Galaxy S6 edge in Emerald Green.

LG G4 to start rolling out to global markets this week

Heads up LG fans, it looks like you’re going to be seeing the newly released LG G4 (and its wonderful camera module) in your neck of the woods soon as the Korean manufacturer is set to roll out its newest flagship to global markets this week. The LG G4, complete with that iconic luxury leather finish, is the latest among the Android flagships to launch – after the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Rumored Galaxy S6 Active spotted in Samsung listing

There is still no official word yet if there will be an Active variation of the new flagship Galaxy S6, but if the Samsung Plus program page is to be believed, then it will definitely be coming sometime soon. It is listed together with other devices that have already been launched like the aforementioned flagship and the Galaxy S6 edge, as well as other past devices that have been launched the past years.

TENAA certifies Gionee Elife E8 and its 23MP camera

If you could have a device that has a high pixel density, probably the highest there is now in the market, and an impressive sounding mobile camera but it comes from a lesser known Chinese brand that is not Xiaomi or Huawei, would you take the risk? Well according to China's TENAA certification, that's exactly what the new Gionee smartphone will be offering you. Called the Elife E8, it comes with a 23MP main camera that will be able to produce 100MP photos.

Motorola Moto G 3rd gen smartphone tipped by Flipkart

Unless you live in India, you might not be familiar with the website Flipkart. The site is an Indian retailer of electronics. Flipkart has posted something that will get fans of the Motorola Moto G smartphone line reason to be excited. According to the retailer website, a third generation Moto G is on the way.
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