Samsung releases innovation history of Galaxy S video

To hype up even more interest in their latest flagship and its variant, Samsung released a short video to highlight the innovations that the Galaxy S series has had over the years. Of course the point of the video is to sell the upcoming Galaxy S6 (rumored to be the last in the S series) and Galaxy S6 edge, it is a nice trip down memory lane for fans of Samsung, particularly those who have been buying almost all of the Galaxy S smartphones they've released over the years.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks cool with Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie has been one of the cooler brands to go to if you wanted your phone to have a protective casing and extra battery power on the go. Now we’re looking at a quirky-shaped phone like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge – which doesn’t have normal edges, of course – and see how it would look like with Mophie’s newly-designed Juice Packs especially for Samsung’s edgy flagship alternative.

Galaxy S6 edge more expensive to make than an iPhone 6

The Galaxy S6 edge has been reviewed, tested, and praised a lot the past few weeks already. The latest flagship phone was released only last April 10 for eager Samsung fans. We don't know the exact number now but we learned there where 5 million people from all over the world who pre-ordered for the dual-edged smartphone. It's a bit more expensive than the Galaxy S6 but it works just the same. The only difference is the display screen that curves on both sides which is unique--a first for any smartphone.

OnePlus to launch two smartphone devices this year

OnePlus is still feeling the great effects of launching a solid product at a very affordable price. That is what the OnePlus One was, a robust phone with a great price – albeit with an epically difficult purchase method. You cannot describe how difficult it was to get this phone. That said, those that were able to get it were really impressed by it. For its second effort, people are expecting the OnePlus 2 this year, but the number “two” could have a different spin to it.

HTC One M9+ and E9+ launched in India

HTC's new flagship, the One M9 hasn't yet made its way to India after being officially released in the US just a few days ago. But what they've gotten is the HTC One M9+, a bigger screen version of the flagship, and the One E9+, with both to be released next month. The OEM has also introduced their HTC One Privileges program, but just for the One M9+ users, where they get one-year insurance for their device.

Huawei Honor 4X now ready for pre-order on Amazon

The Honor 6 Plus may be Huawei's current flagship Android phone but the Honor 4X is expected to be another winner, at least, in the mid-range phone category. A video trailer was recently released, showing off the upcoming Android smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. We know his phone won't disappoint because the specs are okay--good enough for a sub $300 mobile device.

LG G2 from T-Mobile, AT&T finally getting Android Lollipop

We almost forgot about the LG G2 since the leather-backed G4's April 28 arrival is being anticipated but the 2013 flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is ready to received Android Lollipop. When Verizon released the Lollipop software update for the LG G2, we knew both AT&T and T-Mobile will soon follow. It's not really a surprise since we spotted a Lollipop-powered G2 on video back in January and LG confirmed it last year after the new mobile OS from Google was announced.
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