Metallic variants of LG G4 launched in India

LG G4, the newest flagship of the Korean OEM, is a pretty good new smartphone, and it has made a name for itself, particularly because of its leather back. The unusual style of the device made it stand out from the market. But now, they are releasing variants of the smartphone that don’t carry that distinctive feature, but instead, these are metallic versions of the device and will only be sold in the Indian market.

OnePlus 2 experiencing some grounding, home button not responding well

Any new smartphone isn’t immune to any issues. Name any device or model from any manufacturer, even those from the top brands, and they sure have some bugs or issues that need immediate fixing. The original OnePlus One had touchscreen issues but a firmware update quickly solved them. We were hoping there won’t be any of those on the OnePlus 2. There's none but apparently, the phone now has a grounding issue according to some early adopters.

Site shows details on why putting S Pen wrong will damage your Galaxy Note 5

There have been endless discussions, heated debates and finger pointing regarding the supposed “design flaw” of the Galaxy Note 5 that obviously damages your device when you put in your S Pen backwards. But whether Samsung should have designed it better or people should be smarter when using their devices, some may be curious about what does happen when you put it in wrong and why it will sometimes irreparably damage your phablet. 9 to 5 Google gave a great explanation as to the process and what you can do (if anything).

Samsung Galaxy Grand On,  Galaxy Mega On specs leaked

Are you already confused with so many Samsung Galaxy devices out in the market, and very little distinguishing one line from the other? Well, get ready to be even more confused as the Korean OEM is set to release a new series which will be called On or O (depending on the region where it will be released) and is closely similar to the entry-level Galaxy J devices. The first two smartphones that will reportedly be released are the Galaxy Grand On and the Galaxy Mega On.

Galaxy Note 5 receives the golden treatment from Karalux

What is it with the Vietnamese that they want premium Samsung phones getting a gold treatment? Earlier this year,  both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were offered in 24k gold, platinum, and rose gold by Goldgenie. Karalux soon followed with a 24K gold plated of the same models. This time, it's the Galaxy Note 5's turn to get the golden treatment for anyone who is willing to pay over a thousand dollars.

Galaxy Note 5 for Europe reportedly shows up in Samsung website

These might just be the imaginings of a Galaxy Note fan in Europe who’s still hoping to get their hands on the OEM’s newest phablet, but reports are saying that the Galaxy Note 5 has made an appearance in Samsung’s own website. This has given hope to those who are frustrated that Samsung decided not to sell the device and its semi-controversial S Pen in the European market. But just don’t get your hopes up too much as these are just unconfirmed rumors.

Apple former CEO John Sculley intros low-cost Android smartphones

Because the world will never get enough of new gadgets, it's time for phone makers to come up with unique design or cool features if they want to thrive in an industry that's already saturated. But of course, there are still those who know what geeks really want and how much there are willing to pay, being geeks themselves, like Ammunition who has recently announced the Obi Worldphone. The world phone reference makes it seem like a premium smartphone that can be used anywhere in the world and this one is indeed something you can show off, what with the high-end technologies from Google, Dolby, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Japan Display, and Corning all integrated inside.
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