LG announces Disney-themed smartphone for Japan

How big of a Disney fan would you have to be to willingly go and buy a smartphone that is obviously patterned after the "mousey" brand? Well, apparently, in Japan, that's not even a question that needs to be asked. LG has announced they are coming out with a new line of Disney mobile phones that will be exclusive for Japan. Surprisingly though, the smartphone is unimaginatively called DM-01G, and for a brand that thrives on fantasy and dreams, clearly LG hasn't caught that particular bug yet.

LG G4 teardown by iFixit now available

We've only been waiting for iFixit's teardown of the LG G4 and now that it's finally here, we're delighted to share the photos and findings with you. As we all know, battery replacement won't be a problem with LG's latest flagship phone because it is user-replaceable. As usual, the teardown provides more details plus X-rays view of several parts. For those thinking of getting the new G4, this teardown will help you in making a decision.

Casa de Balloon Club experiments launches with Android device

Have you ever dreamed of taking pictures of the atmosphere, but were too afraid to do so while parachuting, on a helicopter, or flying? (Okay, that last one was probably just your dream, unless you're a superhero). Maybe you've actually thought about taping a smartphone or camera onto a balloon and just letting it fly in the air and hope it will come back. That's exactly what Casa de Balloon Club did, but only more well-planned and well-executed, thankfully.

Oppo announces new midrange units: Neo 5 (2015) and Neo 5s

Chinese electronics brand Oppo continues to try to take a share of the lucrative Chinese smartphone market, playing catch up to Xiaomi and Huawei. They've announced two new mid-range devices that are pretty decent if you're looking for a not so expensive but decent unit. The Oppo Neo 5 (2015), not to be confused with the previously launched Neo 5, and the Neo 5s. Both have almost the same specs, with a touch of the more expensive R1x.

Apple now allows Android migration to iPhone

After announcing that Apple Music will be available on Android devices, Apple has showcased the first Android-related iOS app. This one will arrive together with the upcoming iOS 9 that will easily allow Android Migration. With the Move to iOS application, one can now switch from Android to iOS easily.

LG offers buy one get one free leather back cover for G4

When you get a new smartphone, almost always the first thing that you would probably get next is a nice-looking case to house your new device. If you're one of the first in the US to buy or you're just planning to buy LG's brand new flagship, the G4, then you'd also want to take advantage of their special offer. If you buy two genuine leather back covers from their website, you'll get one of those cases for free.

LG G4 pricing, plans revealed by major US carriers

After months of leaks, speculations, rumors, and teasers, the LG G4 is finally and officially available in the US. The latest flagship phone is now on sale in stores and online through the top mobile carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular) and national retail chains Best Buy and Amazon. This launch in the country is expected to bring a better mobile experience to Android fans looking to replace their old phones.