LG G4 plagued by touchscreen issues for some users

When you release your new flagship, the last thing that you'd want is for users to complain en masse about a certain feature or rather, a non-working feature. That is the problem now facing LG and its brand new G4, which has received generally positive reviews when it first came out. However, it seems that a number of users are now facing a touchscreen bug which has led to a forum on XDA where users can submit their complaints, and hopefully, this will reach LG as well.

Huawei Honor 7 to launch this June 30 with fingerprint sensor

We're only waiting for Huawei to finally reveal the Honor 7 which was recently leaked by TENAA. We've previously seen a teaser that the new smartphone from the Chinese company will come with a fingerprint scanner. We earlier expected a June 8 launch but sadly, still no Honor 7 in sight. But recently, a new teaser was released and now with June 30 as the reveal data.

HTC not keen on a merger with Asustek

Mere days after ASUS chairman Johnny Shih acknowledged that they are not ruling out acquiring fellow Taiwanese OEM HTC (and then their subsequent denial that they are doing so), the latter came out with their own statement saying that they will "not consider a merger with Asus." The statement was posted on the stock exchange website of Taiwan, and was in response to the comments made by Shih during the annual general meeting.

ASUS may be considering acquiring HTC

They may be two of the biggest OEMs from Taiwan, but that doesn't mean that all is rosy in the garden for ASUS and HTC. While ASUS has much better prospects, they are relatively a new player in the smartphone market. Meanwhile, HTC has been dealing with the disappointment with their latest flagship, the One M9, and also the consequences of financial losses in the market. So what is the solution for the two? It may be to join forces, rather than do it on their own.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition spotted, coming very soon

The next Galaxy Grand Prime is arriving soon. This can be expected almost every year and especially after Samsung has introduced the latest premium flagship phone. We've seen the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge already so we're interested to know when the new Galaxy Grand Prime will be available. This particular phone is popular because of the impressive features and the very affordable price tag that come with it.

AirDroid v3.1.3 update released, now supports Samsung devices

During the last update in January, AirDroid finally received support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. That was a month after the AirDroid 3 was officially released and after months of being in the works. The update was very much welcome but unfortunately for some Samsung devices, it was not made available to the owners. The developers have been trying to improve the app, especially the AirMirror feature, and finally, it now supports Samsung.