Why Hugo Barra doesn’t want a microSD card in Xiaomi flagship phones

For Android fans who don't know, the iPhone has always been without a microSD card slot so storage expansion was never an option. You have to decide if you want a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB memory. But for Android, expansion has always been an advantage. A small 8GB storage doesn't really matter because you can just buy a microSD card and stick inside your phone.

BT Smartphone II is a smart landline with Google Play Store

To the 10 people in the world who still have landlines at their homes, admit it, you've probably wished that your old-school phone could do better. Tech company BT believes that too, and that is why they came up before with the Home Smartphone, offering you a landline device that could do so much more than just answer calls. Now they're back with Home Smartphone II, and it seems smarter than before as it now has access to Google Play Store.

Samsung used Diamond Pixels display matrix on S6 edge’s curved display

No doubt the Samsung Galaxy S6's display is crisp and clear. Thanks to the Super AMOLED display used. But for the Galaxy S6 edge, some people are left wondering if the curved edge still features the Diamond Pixels matrix arrangement of Samsung. It's the technology that the South Korean giant uses to make sure resolution is higher than usual. It's the PenTile matrix that Samsung has been using to achieve super clear display.

Avengers-themed cases free for Galaxy Note 4 purchase (US only)

Not surprisingly, the second Avengers movie topped box-office charts everywhere. And you cannot escape the barrage of Avengers-related articles, talk show guestings, interviews, even musical numbers. Now if you're a huge fan of the MCU (that's Marvel Cinematic Universe for the uninitiated), then you want to get your hands on any related merchandise. Samsung is banking on this partnership, as US residents will get Avengers-themed cases (yes, plural) for every purchase of a new Galaxy Note 4 (until supplies last though).

Bezel-less, high-end Nubia Z9 officially announced with full specs

We've seen the supposed leaked pictures and read the rumors about this almost bezel-less new smartphone from ZTE. But the time for speculation is over as the Nubia Z9 was finally unveiled and its full specifications announced in China. Something that wasn't mentioned in the previous leaks is that there will be 3 versions of the new flagship and it looks like they will all be in the high-end smartphone category.

Vodafone unveils three new Smart series devices

Vodafone has announced that it has three new devices under its own brand for shoppers on a budget to check out. All three of the new smartphones fall under the Smart brand. The first of the devices is called the Smart first 6 and it aims directly at first time smartphone buyers. It has a 1GHz processor and has 4GB of internal storage.

US Cellular intros LG Logos with gently curved HD display

After the LG G4, LG has announced a new smartphone in the form of the LG Logos. Actually, it was a silent announcement as it was only US Cellular who posted the unit ready for public consumption. This isn't premium as the leather-backed LG G4 but it's curvy, bold, and powerful for its affordable price and specs that are good enough.

Difference between Sony, Samsung camera sensors in Galaxy S6 shown

There was a rumor going around that Samsung was not using Sony’s IMX240 camera sensor/module exclusively on its new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. That rumor has been proven true – whether it was caused by a shortage of Sony’s sensors we don’t really know – but some enterprising reporters have checked and found out that their Galaxy S6 has Samsung’s own ISOCELL camera sensor. Now the big question is – is there a difference?

Sony rolls out Xperia C4, C4 Dual for the selfie generation

Your old Sony non-Xperia Z phones may not be getting the sweetness of Lollipop but there's a new Xperia C phone that will run Android 5.0 out of the box already. Meet the Sony Xperia C4--the latest smartphone targeted for the selfie generation. You read that right, the Xperia C4 and the C4 Dual variant are the next-generation PROselfie smartphones boasting a 5 megapixel front-facing camera.