Find out your device’s worth with Swappa Android app

With so many new smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other mobile devices coming in and out every month, it's no wonder that we don't get too attached to our gadgets anymore. We're always on the lookout for a newer one or we get serious device envy every time our favorite OEM releases something new. Some often sell their current gadget just to get an upgrade. And that's where something like the new Swappa Price app, available on Android, comes in handy.

Turing Phone is World’s First Liquid metal-frame Android phone

There are dozens to hundreds of Android phone models to choose from various manufacturers all over the world today. We can't feature every smartphone that comes out in the market. We care about those premium flagship phones from top brands, as well as, those that we think give value for money. This Turing Phone isn't exactly affordable or doesn't even come from a popular phone brand but the fact that it is the first liquid metal-frame smartphone in the world is enough to make us put in on the spotlight.

Archos rolls out new 50d Helium, affordable 4G capable phone

Only a few weeks after the 50 Helium Plus and 55 Helium Plus were introduced, ARCHOS has another entry into the mobile arena in the form of the 50d Helium Android smartphone. Okay, so the French phone manufacturer just added a ‘d’ to the 50 Helium but this one boasts of a slimmer design and more power with 4G connectivity. This new ARCHOS phone looks elegant with the smooth edges and clean lines. It actually looks premium but don’t be fooled because this one is very affordable at only $129.

Sketches of next-gen OnePlus flagship phone surfaced

Ah, the OnePlus Two. OnePlus' second-generation and now highly-anticipated flagship phone is the talk of gadget town this early because of the company's negative reaction to criticisms a couple of weeks ago. Now, everyone wants to see if this smartphone is really better than the first one. We have a few more weeks to know that after the virtual reality global launch of the upcoming Android phone which also recently popped up at Bluetooth SIG and Geekbench 3.

OnePlus 2 pops up at Geekbench 3, Bluetooth SIG

Honestly, we're excited about the impending arrival of the OnePlus 2 simply because we're curious if OnePlus' response to criticisms a couples of weeks ago is valid. The company told us that the next flagship will be better so we want to see how it will fare with the competition. OnePlus also said it's going to lose money with every Cardboard which will be used during the virtual reality launch this July so we want to know if this is really worth our time and attention.

Samsung files trademark for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in the US

Samsung's latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, caught the world's attention because of their great design, premium specs and impressive performance. Another variant, the Galaxy S6 Active, was soon released and looks like another S6 variant is coming. Last month, we learned a tip of a possible Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with a larger screen. We heard the new smartphone will be out this coming August.

Smartphone theft down by 32%, CA Kill Switch Law in effect

The FCC has already challenged mobile carriers to turn on "kill switch" by default. We've heard several discussions as well including US Senators backing the “kill switch” proposal and actually being passed in the Senate. Some companies tried to bring such feature to phones like what McAfee did on the LG G3. Google officially brought a new kill switch feature to smartphones as part of Android Lollipop late last year.

LG G4 S in the works, with lower specs than the original G4

The LG G4 might have a sibling as an LG G4 S has been leaked recently. This gives us an idea how this new LG smartphone looks like a lot like the G4 but this is believed to be the lower-specced version. No, the 'S' for LG doesn't mean the same as the 'S' in Apple's iPhone models which means an improved version but there are lot of people who would be willing to be this more affordable LG G4.
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