T-Mobile suspends ZTE ZMax sales, owners taking off the batt

After less than a year of being carried by T-Mobile, the ZTE Zmax phablet is no more. ZTE didn't pull out of a deal with T-Mobile but it was the mobile carrier who recently suspended its sales. It's not because no one is buying the ZTE phablet but rather people are hacking in to the phone. T-Mobile might have been pissed off at those people trying to fix the phone themselves and looks like they've had it already.

Snapdragon 810-powered Xiaomi Mi Note Pro ready for pre-order this May 6

No official launch or announcement from the PR guys of the company but the Snapdragon 810 variant of the Xiaomi Mi Note, aka Mi Note Pro, will soon be available. This is according to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun himself who shared the good news on his Weibo account. The Chinese executive said that the top model version of the Xiaomi Mi Note will be ready for pre-order starting May 6 in China, all ready to compete in the high-end smartphone category.

Duracell shows off Giant Wireless Charging Ring

Wireless charging is still a young technology but this one has a lot of potential to be successful and in demand. There are only a few manufacturers using this tech but it can soon be a standard because of the ease and convenience it offers. IKEA and Starbucks have already joined the bandwagon by offering a new furniture line with wireless charging and bringing Powermat charging in Starbucks in San Francisco. That wireless and cable-free life you've been dreaming of can become a reality someday.

AT&T, Verizon, update Samsung devices to Android Lollipop

And the Lollipops keep on coming. Two more US carriers announced that they are bringing the latest Android update to several Samsung devices. AT&T said that the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will start receiving their updates starting today. Meanwhile, Verizon also announced that they are bringing Android 5.0 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after rolling it out to other OEM's devices the past few weeks.

Huawei P8 variant visits the FCC, possible US launch

Huawei has finally unveiled the P8. It even came with its bigger sibling called the P8max. The Huawei P8 was semi-confirmed a couple of weeks ago as photos and pics were sighted at TENAA. You know what a TENAA notification usually means-- phone is almost ready in China. Yes, the new Huawei P8 has arrived and it might be ready for US too since a Huawei P8 look-alike was just approved by the FCC.

Sony speculated to announce the Xperia Z4 this April 20

Most of the flagship phones from the biggest phone manufacturers have been released already. Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are already making waves while the LG G4 will be unveiled this coming April 28. We're only waiting for Sony to send an official press event for the Xperia Z4 after the company skipped the Mobile World Congress last month. There was no sight of the Sony Xperia Z4 but the past few weeks, we've been seeing a lot of leaked images, more leaked photos, and some leaked renders. We can't ignore those leaked specs via GFXBench and that FCC sighting earlier this month too.

LeTV looks to be a new player in high-end devices

It wasn’t too long ago when China-based brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus made their debut and sounded their challenge to the established order of smartphone manufacturers. These young Chinese companies were aggressive and were willing to sell devices that have the same or almost the same specs as the flagship and high-end devices Samsung, Apple, HTC or LG – and selling them at ridiculously low prices. It looks like we have another new player in LeTV.
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