New Galaxy K pics show full-fledged optical zoom lens

Samsung’s Galaxy K “phone” has allegedly been spotted again, optical zoom intact. We’ve heard rumors recently that Samsung would pack an optical zoom lens into the new device, but we were unclear on the final form factor Samsung would choose. These pics, if real, provide the first glimpse at exactly what we can expect from the newest Galaxy device.

OnePlus asking users to “smash the past”

After a seemingly never ending series of rumors, leaks and teasers; OnePlus officially unveiled the One last evening. The company offered a full set of specs as well as details on both pricing and market availability. The OnePlus One certainly looks like it can compete in terms of pricing and specs, but this leaves us wondering about the invite system.

OnePlus One arrives promising to never settle for second best

OnePlus has finally taken off the veils from its highly hyped device. It has promised to never settle for mediocrity and put out the best of the best, but the question now is whether it was able to deliver on its word. Like many devices, it's a hit on some and a miss on others, but the market will be the final judge once it finally lands in the hands of users.

New UI for LG G3 possibly spotted in leaked images

LG’s new flagship could bring a fresh interface as well. LG’s Android skin is fairly in-depth, and typically up-to-date with styling cues. Leaked shots, said to be from the LG G3, show a design that offers up flatter icons, rounded shapes, and a different color scheme.

New Samsung device spotted with QHD screen, Intel LTE

Though an incremental update — and a good one — the Galaxy S5 was met with some consternation on launch. Some wanted more from the device, with a better screen and more RAM topping the list of complaints. The wait may be over, though, as a new device has popped up with a user agent profile showing some updated specs to the current Samsung flagship.  

Amazon smartphone expected to make use of tilt gestures

Images of the still unannounced Amazon smartphone surfaced earlier in the month. Those pics detailed a setup that included a handful of front-facing cameras. But while we were able to see those from the pics, the actual style of the handset was disguised with an exterior casing/shell. Perhaps a bit more important were the details about how those cameras on the front would be used to "track the position of the user’s face and eyes in relation to the phone’s display."
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