DROID X2 set for May 26 launch

We mentioned just yesterday that the DROID X2 dummy devices were turning up hinting at a launch soon. The launch now has a specific day for us to look forward to. The smartphone will land on May 26, almost exactly two weeks from today. This smartphone was originally expected to land today, but was delayed. This will be the first dual-core Tegra 2 Android smartphone on the Verizon network.

More HTC Doubleshot details surface

I really love it when details of unannounced handsets surface by way of geeks that pour through user agent profiles. These are long lists of text that unveiled a few little details here and there about what the smartphone will be like. We still don’t have an actual photo of the Doubleshot to go along with the new specs that have surfaced, but a bit of info is better than none. The last time we talked about the Doubleshot was back in early March when it was tipped to be heading to the T-Mobile network.

Sony Ericsson boosted by move to Android

Before Android, Motorola wasn't doing too well and the company is turning around now that it is investing heavily into the development of Android smartphones. Sony Ericsson has suffered the same lack of interest in many of its handsets that Motorola used to suffer from.