smart case

i-Blades to bring “smart” smartphone cases to the market

Our phones have already become smart, but do we need our phone cases to become smarter as well? i-Blades thinks we should and they unveiled during CES 2015 the world's first "smart" smartphone case as they believe what holds your device can actually be turned into something that will personalize it even more. Using the "blades" technology (patented and patent-pending), the case can be turned into not just a battery extender, but a storage, software, and hardware extender as well.

HARDcover smart case for the Nexus 7 available now

If you have the awesome new Google Nexus 7 tablet we have a nice professional looking case for you all today. From the popular case manufacturer DODOcase comes their unique HARDcover for the Nexus 7. These book-like hard cases offer multiple viewing angles, different color options, smart cover magnets to turn on the device, and even personalized engravings. Check it out after the break.

Google Nexus 7 features smart cover magnetic sensor

I guess there are a few features we didn't know of when it came to Google's brand new Nexus 7 tablet. It appears that there are still a few mysteries surrounding the device. No we aren't talking about the release date either, this is about smart covers. It seems that Google's added a magnetic sensor on the bottom left side of the tablet that smart covers can take advantage of. Check out the video after the break.