Samsung Captivate Glyde headed for AT&T

Here's a photo chaser for all the high-end hardware rumors that have been breaking lately. The phone you see below is the Samsung Captivate Glyde - not to be confused with the Captivate, or, uh, the Glyde. Sources pin this one as a Q1 2012 release for AT&T. Details are scarce, but from the looks of it,  we've got a 3.5-4-inch QWERTY slider on our hands. Based on the name alone, this may be an updated AT&T version of the Epic 4G.

Motorola DROID 4 codenamed “Maserati” and will have 4G LTE [Rumor]

I must admit the codename "Maserati" gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, although I'm not too big on slide out QWERTY keyboard smartphones. What we have here is a rumor so feel free to take this with a grain of salt. According to a few members of HowardForums the next device in the DROID slider evolution will be the DROID4 and is codenamed "Maserati". They mention a few other things but first check out the awesome car below.

Samsung Galaxy S Glide QWERTY Slider with a dual-core heads to Rogers

I know there is still a huge market for QWERTY slider smartphones these days, and for someone waiting for a powerhouse slider this may be exactly what you've been waiting for. Sadly for now this is only known to be headed to Rogers Canada but it sounds impressive and we have all the details. It may not be named a Galaxy S "II" but don't let that fool you.

Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE Slider Press Shots Leak

Well guys, what we have here is Verizon's first 4G LTE QWERTY Slider smartphone. This is the Samsung Stratosphere we first heard about at the beginning of August and the name being Stratosphere made us all think it would be something big, or tall, but I guess it will be fat and a slider instead. This is basically a Epic 4G turned Verizon with some 4G LTE radios inside.

Pantech Crossover Review

What we've got here today is Pantech's very first Android effort in the United States. It's certainly no top-tier device, but a mid-range contender it certainly is. That said, as a commenter noted in the hands-on post, it reminds one very much of a phone from 2007 by the name of Helio Ocean. Does that mean its hopelessly outdated? Absolutely not. Have a look at a device that I'd suggest to any one of my relatives who want to get into Android any day of the week. Family and friends lost in the unconnected past, welcome to the mobile future, this is your guide, the Pantech Crossover.
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