Wire: what Skype would have been like if built today

Skype co-founder Janus Friis has a new project afoot with Wire, a new communications platform that technically does not really rival his former company, but actually improves on it. Built for both mobile and desktops, it is a cross-platform tool for exchanging messages, pictures, HD audio and other rich media, with a more modern UI but a more solid infrastructure behind it.

Skype update: picture-in-picture support for smartphones

We only still have 24 hours a day, but sometimes it seems like it's never enough for all the stuff we have to do, things we have to watch, people we have to talk to. Free call and messaging app Skype tries to solve one of our multi-tasking problems with the latest update, which allows you to do other things while still on a call.

Microsoft rolls out Skype for Web, still in beta mode

Microsoft seems to be doing a Google by introducing Skype for Web. The program is still in beta mode but it looks promising. This Google-like move refers to the software giant bringing the instant messaging to the web. This means no need to install Skype as a native app on your desktop because you can now enjoy the program on any web browser, on any device, anytime. It’s like using Hangouts on your computer.

Skype Qik lets you send quick video messages to loved ones

In the age of the quick, the GIF and the ephemeral, video calling apps like Skype are perfectly fine for work-related or more "formal" type of conversations. But what about for when you just want to send a quick video message to a friend or a group of friends? What if you want a GIF-like message that you can send out whenever the situation warrants it? And what if you want some video messages to not last forever? Yes, you have such apps like Snapchat or even Instagram for that, but Skype would like to be part of that video conversation as well.

Skype chat notifications adjusts to device you’re using

While having multiple devices is the new normal for most people, it can be a pain to receive notifications on all of them. Your desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch all buzzing at the same time for the same app can be tedious and alarming. Skype has found a solution to that for their chat notifications, as you can will now only receive it on the device that you’re currently using.

Skype 5.0 for Android makes it easier to find friends

Since a lot more people now log on to Skype through their mobile device rather than the desktop, it would now be more natural for the free voice-over-IP and instant messaging app to change how they find your friends. The new Skype 5.0 for Android now has a feature that will make it easier for you to search through the 300 million users and find people that you know.
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