GSMA says Samsung looking at using e-SIM for new smartphones

If you suddenly want to switch to another network, you’d need to get a new SIM card of course, unlock your current smartphone or for less hassle, just get a new smartphone altogether. But someday, that will not be a hassle or problem anymore, according to the GSMA. They believe that big brands like Samsung and Apple are considering switching to embedded SIM cards or e-SIMs soon for their newest devices.

Ting GSM SIM card enters open beta

Ting has announced that its GSM SIM card service is now in open beta for anyone to sign up and try out. All users need to participate is a Ting GSM SIM card, which sells for $9 and an unlocked mobile phone. Invitations to participate are no longer required.

LG G Watch tipped to have irreplaceable SIM card

LG might soon be unveiling one of two first Android Wear smartwatches, but the device that it has might not exactly be to Google's liking. Korean media now reports that the LG G Watch, or some variant of it, will be sporting a non-removable SIM or uSIM inside, making the smartwatch more independent of a smartphone.
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