Google Shopper App gets new UI, GoodGuide product ratings, and more

Google Shopper version 3.0 has just hit Google Play, and it brings some pretty awesome new stuff. The first, and most obvious change, is a revamped user interface. Instead of the tradition interface, it features a much more image-centric design with a slide-out menu that mirrors many of Google's other in-house applications. This new layout allows users to see larger images of the products in question, which make the app much more user-friendly.

Bing Deals arrives for Android (ahead of WP7)

Microsoft seems determined to frustrate its Windows Phone 7 users, by releasing a Bing Deals service that, so far, only works with Android and iOS. Available at, Microsoft promises Deals will offer 30-50% discounts from retailers and providers nearby. There's also categories and keyword searches to make filtering through the various deals more straightforward. Once you've found something you - or someone else you know - might be interested in, you can save it, redeem it at the vendor, or email it. Business listings in Bing search results will also now include any Deal information currently being offered, and there's a new icon for the service on the desktop version of the search engine too. Unfortunately it looks like this is all US-only at the moment; we've just fired up the page in the UK, and there's no sign of Deals. [via SlashGear]

Amazon UK Android app released for mobile shopping

The Amazon UK app for Android has arrived in the Android Market, offering users in the UK the opportunity to search the retailer's catalog, compare prices and read reviews, and make purchases directly from their handsets. The app also supports barcode scanning, so that you can compare Amazon's price to what you'd pay in a bricks & mortar store. Prices are charged in GBP and the app supports 1-Click and Prime membership. You'll need an Android 1.6 or newer device; it's a free download from the Market. [via Twitter]

Newegg Goes Mobile With New Android App

If you're into anything technology, then chances are you've heard of Newegg. Newegg is one of the top online retailers for PC accessories, components, smartphones, software and entertainment media, and now they have hit the Android Market with their new mobile application.

Black Flyday helps you find shopping deals for holiday season

If you like shopping and have an Android phone we have one of the coolest apps for the holiday shopping season and it is called Black Flyday. The app is really cool and can provide shoppers with the best deals that can be found on products within a certain radius of the user. The app is offered for Android OS devices only and is available in English and Spanish versions.
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