Domino’s Pizza lets customers order with a pizza emoji on twitter

If you are the sort that lives off Domino's pizza and are constantly tweeting this or that from your mobile phone or computer, a new pizza order method is landing soon in the US that you will love. Domino's is rolling out a system that will allow customers to tweet to order a pizza. The delivery chain will become the first major pizza franchise to use twitter on an ongoing basis for orders.

Etsy releases Credit Card Reader for budding entrepreneurs

If you're one of those budding entrepreneurs that can't quit their day job yet but love to participate in weekend bazaars and arts and crafts fairs, chances are, you've encountered potential buyers that ask you if you can take plastic. But unless you have a "real" business, you most likely can't, even with online transactions (except if you have Square or Paypal). Etsy believes that it's growing community has need of this service and so they are now offering a "Sell on Etsy Reader" and an accompanying app to help you out.

GroupOn pays users to shop with new Snap app

It's probably the dream of every shopaholic (or come to think of it, every person) to get paid cash for shopping. And that is basically what the new app from group buying site GroupOn called Snap does. Whenever you buy any of the featured items, you get a cash rebate off them and also a chance to win free groceries for a year worth $13,000.

Amazon releases Wallet app in beta version

Amazon has released – in a rare simultaneous event – in its own app store and the Google Play Store the Amazon Wallet app that upon close inspections seems to let you do everything Google Wallet can do, minus the added features that Google has. In its defense, it is still in beta, so you would hope that the final app would be so much better.

Survey shows 87% of us shop via a tablet or smartphone

When shopping online, it seems most of us are doing so via our tablet or smartphone. New research shows that 87% of mobile device owners use theirs for shopping, up nearly 10% from the previous year. In addition to just browsing or getting product info, we’re also pretty vocal about our purchases.

Google Wallet loyalty rewards program expands

Google released an update for Wallet back in September that added support for a wide variety of additional devices. Of course, that same update also brought a shift of focus. Wallet went from being an app that allowed those with an NFC capable device to make in-store payments to being an app that is heavily focused on sending money to others and storing loyalty/reward cards for various retailers.

Google shopping results now showing up on mobile

When searching for products on the desktop, Google’s new format brings you “Shop on Google” in the results, where you can click on the item you want and find it at a retailer. Sometimes online, but also listed at local stores, Google’s shopping feature is designed to drive traffic to retailers, which in turn boosts ad revenue for the mothership. It’s a win-win.

Google Shopping Express open for business, Bay Area only

If you're living somewhere in the Bay Area, your life may have just gotten a tad more convenient now that Google has publicly launched its Google Shopping Express service. Offering online shopping with same-day deliveries, the service is practically Google's way of keeping Amazon and its similar offering away from its Mountain View territory.

Google now pushing search based shopping links to smartphone users

Google has announced that Product Listing Ads are now going to begin showing for smartphone users around the world. What this means in simpler terms, is that users will begin seeing a "Shop on Google" section at the top of certain search results. Basically, this announcement just continues the experience that many have already seen on the desktop and tablet search results.
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