Overclock your Droid to 1.1GHZ

Some great hackers over at ALLDROID has successfully overclocked the Moto Droid to 1.1GHZ. Yes ladies and gentlemen 1.1GHZ. Although running the phone at 1.1GHZ is unstable it runs perfectly fine at 800MHZ which is 200MHZ over the 600MHZ that the processor has been rated at. In fact ALLDROID has it running stable at this speed.

Motorola Droid to hit in time for holidays

If that slick Motorola Droid Android device that has been so talked about is right at the top of your Christmas list, you are in luck. Boy Genius Report has got a hold of the stock list for handsets for Sam's and target stores for the holidays.

Motorola Tao caught in the wild

If you were all excited by the Motorola Sholes phone that was all over the place a few months back and then went silent for a while, apparently the handset has been spied in the wild. The device you see pictured here is the Motorola Tao, supposedly the final version of the Sholes.

Verizon a no show at big Motorola Android event?

With the big Motorola event mere days away on September 10, the anticipation of the event is high. It is widely expected that Motorola will be unveiling the Sholes mobile phone powered by Android. A few specs have been gleaned about Sholes so far including a 5MP camera, QWERTY keyboard, and a touch screen. We had previously though that the device would be offered on the Verizon network.

What will we see at September 10 Motorola event?

All we can do at this point is speculate on what we may see at the September 10 Motorola Android event. What we do know is that Android Community will be there to bring you the low down on what's being shown. Our fellow geeks over at CNET will be at the show too. According to CNET, its sources are pegging the Sholes device as the big announcement with the Éclair Android OS in tow. Another thing we haven't heard much about that CNET figures will be there is Blur.