King Kong Andy Takes on little Steve Jobs in New T-Shirt Design

Can you say #Winning (Yup a Charlie Sheen reference here at AC). This T-Shirt is just full of win, you must admit its pretty good when you actually look at it. This is an ongoing series of T-shirts from a guy named George Soto that has been making awesome shirts showing the Android vs Apple battle. First one was the Andy Versus shirt, then came the Unstoppable Andy and that pesky Steve Jobs trying to get him.

Android T-Shirts are geek chic

T-shirt makers who are Android obsessed are bound to incorporate their love for the Bot into all their other obsessions. And the geekier the better. That's why these Android T-shirts are so cool, they incorporate so many pop culture references that their almost an inside joke for those cool enough to appreciate. And they cross generations as well as geography, too, which makes them even cooler.

Android shirt illustrates what many think of Apple

I am not a fan of putting stickers on my car. There are lots of people that I see driving around with stickers that show Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs peeing on one thing or another to illustrate the fact that their ride is better than others.